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Five ways to overcome a breakup

#divorce diary#

Breaking up from a relationship that one has taken a whole lot of time to build is not an easy thing to let go, many of those relationships have taken ones time, energy, emotions, and even resources to build.

However, there’s a factor that can make that union come to a halt, this does not mean that both parties have not tried to salvage it, but at times it just has to happen.

That’s not where the real story is though, this blog post is about moving on after it has happened. How you do that is what I will be talking about below.

So much stress usually comes with a breakup, first of all, you think of the memories shared whether good or bad, then again the reality of life sets in, where do I start from? Who do I turn to? and so many other questions that are raised.

After my break up something’s I applied have really worked for me, therefore, I felt the need to share so that others can give them a trial in their moment of need.

The basics after a breakup are numerous but I chose to go with these five (5);

1. Find yourself (explore)

2. Engage yourself with something.

3. Change your environment.

4. Make new friends.

5. Be strong in faith and move on.

Explore (Find yourself)

This is a way of finding your real self by being natural, this is the most difficult period to deal with because apparently, someone who has been part of your life for only God knows when and you, saying goodbye to the person has to be a very bitter pill to swallow.

This is about the time you will be thinking where do I go from here? How do I start all over again or who will want me like this? Nobody needs to want you just want, love and trust yourself.

Emotions are usually high during these periods, but focus, on the things that makes you happy rather than the ones that make you keep falling back to think about all the negative situations whether good or bad in your mind.

It’s also good to sulk yes, but don’t dwell too much in it because that too may lead to depression, and by the time that happens, it will be very difficult to come out, therefore, it may become an illness and untimely death.

I believe nobody wants to go to an early grave simply because of a breakup.

Engage yourself with something

You might have been nurturing that dream for only God knows when, but it has never manifested, and again it never left you though, my fear go for it. Only do the things that you are passionate about and what makes you happy. Because the bottom line is being happy, get too involved that you hardly have time to reminisce or sulk over a breakup.

Change your environment if necessary.

Nobody wants to remain in an environment that remains them of negative memory, sometimes you walk around and you feel the memories or see people around you that reminds you of all the heartache you’ve been through.

If you can, please have a change of environment where you’ll start afresh and with people who know little or nothing about you. Remaining in your old environment is not a bad idea too. But some people will naturally want to torture your by constantly reminding you of what you as the victim is trying to forget thinking they are helping, some will show you fake or insincere sympathy wherein real sense they are happy it happened to you.

Make new friends.

If you are rue cheerful type who likes to socialize, this could actually be easier for you. This is because it will not take you time to meet people and make interactions, discuss any topic of interest with people around you and by so doing you are open to a new relationship with total strangers whom you may find interesting too.

Be strong in faith and move on.

If you are the religious type and you feel you’ll want to make some devotional commitments then go for it, there is no peace as the peace of trusting someone whom you know you can trust wholeheartedly.

Don’t just let it be the preliminary of your existences, because you cannot fold your arms and just trust in God and expect manners from heaven to fall, no dear, you need to be up and doing, to salvage yourself respect, your needs are always there staring you in the face and no one to cater for you. And if you have children too, darling get out of that sober mood and experience the real world.

All the points I’ve listed above, really worked out for me, and I also saw some other people who have been through such situations, I felt I should share for anyone who is passing through a breakup, or is bereaved, you can apply the same and I bet you won’t regret ever trying it.

Bag snatcher courses commotion at Wuse market bridge in Abuja.


A petty thief have this morning caused a heavy traffic at the wide market bridge leading to sheraton hotel.

The thief who was said to have snatched a handbag belonging to a lady ran under the bride for cover after being chased by some two mobile police officers.

Un-lookers who also joined in the chase could not apprehend him because he was said to be carrying a very big and long knife. Eye witnesses who identified him called on the police who where on the bridge to come and shot him on the leg so that he won’t be able to getaway.

It was such a dramatic scenery as vehicles parked at the roadside to catch a glimpse of what was happening when the thief was threatening to take a dive in the flowing river under the bridge.

Yours sincerely left before he could finally be caught, see photos from the scene.

Check out this throw back photo of Tinubu, Osinbanjo and others.

This is a throwback picture of former governor of Lagos State Sir Bola Ahmed Tinubu alongside Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo and three others

Cute photo of DJ Cuppy and her Billionaire dad Femi Otedola.

This is best qualified for father-daughter binding or what do you think?

With governors like shettima of Borno state, Nigeria is certainly heading to the first world country.

The governor of Borno state Kasheem Shettima Ibrahim, has really proven that Nigeria can really work again. In a state that has faced a lot of challenges’ as well as been ravaged by insurgency,  its governor has decided to remain focus.

Other governor would have used the obstacle in the state to enrich themselves, by claiming to be paying for security and the rest,  but no,  this son of the soil has chosen to tale the bull by the horn to rebuild his ancestral home.

I couldn’t help but create this post after seeing the magnificent and beautiful edifice standing in the name of public schools. E the federal capital territory cannot boast of such structures.

Shettima,  should by performance be the kind of governors that EFCC should not even wink at them after they’ve left office,  because he really deserves accolades.

Because the most important thing to the common man is the devident of democracy of cause which includes,  education,  good health facilities,  water,  good roads and the general social amenities which make life easy.  Kudus to alhaji Ibrahim Kasheem Shettima. 

See more beautiful photos below

What the Jasawa’s need to learn from the Kaduna/El-rufai politics

Governor Nasiru El-rufai is one man I have always admire over the years for what he really stands for and represent as a person.  It dates bake to the time he was the FCT minister,  he was a man who is never intimidated by people on any goals he sets to achieve. Of course these qualities helped in what the city of Abuja looks like today.

Sometimes you have to destroy in other to rebuild, and most times it does not have to go well with everyone since toes have to be stepped on.

Now back to the main issue of writing this article, jubilation and so many accolades have been made to the kaduna state governor’ the moment the news of him picking a female Muslim from southern Kaduna as his running mate for the forthcoming 2019 general election.

Well it is indeed a very good and welcome development considering the tension in the political atmosphere in  the whole country where so many propaganda is going on by different groups to sabotage one person or the other,  also considering the ugly trend of politics of ethnicity and religion being emulated by 85% of Nigerians shunning credibility and competence in the system or individuals capable of moving the country forward.

Again it is a kudos to the northern woman,  whom for decades have been relligated to the background when it comes to leadership position or holding any strong political office.

Kaduna state has been known for their inclusive and rotational politics where if a Christian is the governor, then a Muslim will deputise for him and vice versa’  there by giving the whole populace a sense of belonging in the governance.

These’however, does not wash away the enmity and bickering which all harbour towards each other and the resentment being created over the years.

I have established these,  in other to draw the attention of the Hausa Muslims (Jasawa) in Jos to emulate from the Muslims in kaduna who have not raised an eyebrow over the candidacy of Dr Hadiza Balarabe as a running mate to governor El-rufai in the first place.

I know that plateau is a Christian dominated state,  and of course with ethnicity and religious bigotry raising higher by the day,  which of course is the main reason why Muslims in Jos are being sidelined from key positions when it comes to the governance of the state.

Again the Hausa’s in Jos does not calculate when it comes to strategic politics therefore always leaving them at the receiving end.

First of all for the Muslims in Jos to be fully recognized and be included they have to speak with one voice as Muslims’ of course this means regarding each and everyone as a Muslim not a Muslim from kanam or wase, kwangpang or any local government in the state.

Judging by the past events of Jos north local government council, the Hausa’s in Jos north can and are entitled to have a chairman since they are the predominants population there.  But in the past they have shot themselves in the foot when it was suggested that a Muslim indigene be given the position of  a caretaker committee chairman while the Jasawa’s outrightly kicked against it. If truly you want this journey to come true I think there’s a need to start somewhere,  Muslim indigene or a typical Hausa man or woman go for it!  Who cares as long as the aim is achieved?  From there you move forward at least a passage has been created to have gotten an entrance

Therefore,  one lesson to be learnt from the southern kaduna Christians and the Muslims in the state, is that they did not look at whether Dr Bala is a revert or an original Muslim, neither do they have a dirty mind of her selling them off to her people, no! they accepted her because she fast,  pray five daily prayers a day, believe that prophet Mohammad sallallahu allaihissalam wasallam is the messenger of Allah as well as theres is only one God (Allah)  worthy of worship.

So,  until the Muslim in Jos sees every Muslim as the one above and abolished the holier than thou attitude and oh,  the every man for himself attitude,  then  we shall always remain in political bondage.

My advice to all is that Islam does not just starts and end with the Jos north Muslim alone,  so if you want political relevance in plateau state,  unity amongst every Muslim is the only answer because (Da dan gari ake cin gari)