#news# A petty thief have this morning caused a heavy traffic at the wide market bridge leading to sheraton hotel. The thief who was said to have snatched a handbag belonging to a lady ran under the bride for cover after being chased by some two mobile police officers. Un-lookers who also joined in the chase could not apprehend him because he was said to be carrying a very big and long… Read More

Have you ever felt there are things you cannot do immediately after becoming a Mum and you started growing children? Must times women became so reluctant simply because they have given birth to some few numbers of children and they began to look like some of our great grandmothers. Well, my sister, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you’ve given birth to the world sometimes the things… Read More

Filed Have you ever wondered what life will be like if you are to go back to being a child again? Being a child has, is and will always remain the best freedom anyone can ever have, such innocence, the care free attitude, the fun and more. As a child growing up, I never had it all, bit at the same time me and my siblings were very happy and contented with… Read More

Filed The spade at which suicide has become a norm today in Nigeria has really shored that there’s some sort of communication gap between parents especially the mothers and their children.       MY TAKECommunication is a very vital component which helps in cementing any kind of relationship, be it marital, parental, friendship and or even amongst siblings. However, the I don’t care attitude, or the I don’t want to poke… Read More

Photos of a new born baby was reportedly found in a pit toilet in Bauchi state.  However,  there’s no details as whether the baby is alive or dead,  but from the pictures it looks like the body of the innocent infant I lifeless. While others are busy praying for the fruity of the womb,  some ladies are busing killing their own bundle’s of joy.

The world is constantly trying to change the narrative of women when it comes to equal rights in society, given a fair share of hold holding political offices and the rest. It is often said that you must respect and value yourself before others can do the same to you. In today’s Nigeria, most times women are the problems of their fellow women irrespective of their background. When a woman is the… Read More

A nurse from Idaho will stand before a Colorado judge later this week where she will reportedly enter a guilty plea to at least one charge stemming from her alleged involvement in the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth, the young mother and flight instructor presumed murdered. FOX31 is reporting Krystal Lee, 32, is scheduled to appear in a Teller County courtroom on Friday to accept a plea deal from prosecutors. Two of Lee’s relatives… Read More

I recieve assistance of traditional birth attendants (TBAs). Luckily, there were no complications, and so I am alive with my children. However, many women in this community who developed complications and died during childbirth were buried with their children, dead or alive,” said a nursing mother, Hajia Hassan. A mother of four, Hajia Hassan lives in Bassa Kuomo, an ancient community in Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The… Read More

By Afeez Hannafi.  Mrs Roli Abayomi-Samuel, the mother of a seven-year-old primary two pupil of Pedrisi School, Ogoyo, Lekki, Lagos State, has asked the school authorities to return the shaved hair of her son. The mother made the request following the receipt of a letter from the school, terminating the membership of the pupil and his three other siblings. The school also refunded their fees. Saturday PUNCH learnt that the school and the… Read More