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Check out this throw back photo of Tinubu, Osinbanjo and others.

This is a throwback picture of former governor of Lagos State Sir Bola Ahmed Tinubu alongside Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo and three others

Cute photo of DJ Cuppy and her Billionaire dad Femi Otedola.

This is best qualified for father-daughter binding or what do you think?

stability is the mother of all focus. see why

It is indeed really good and so exciting to reconnect with you guys, my blog readers, my lovely audience and my loyalists. Each time i think of how many people must have missed this platform it makes me sad. You guys out there have always been so loyal to me as well as tolerated my inconsistency in terms of my blogging, but yet most out there still see me as one of the best treasure yet to be unravel

It is indeed true that one man’s meet is another man’s poison’, while some people feel this lazy and un-serious Rasheeda who does not take her dreams seriously, others who really know how it feels to find oneself in a tight situation try to understand. Hello! it is my dream and my passion which i intend to uphold to the finishing line.

Have you ever encountered being in a place where you are so eager to do something but feel trapped? you try every possible way but all you end up getting was frustration upon frustration, and all lot. But regardless, all these should not be a barrier keep  fate and hope alive.

Sometimes things are not necessarily what they seems to look like from far, you ,may think you know it all or you know a person too well but you don’t know half a thing about them or their day to day battles. That most people walk around with beautiful smiles on their faces does not mean that all is well with them.

For everyone to make progress on their set goals they really have to be stable, they need to be stable emotionally, mentally, financially and otherwise, one need to be in the right frame of mind to be able to execute all that he is after. I shall keep it going no matter how tough it becames.

Anyway not to bore you too much, by the grace of God i am back for good, this is saying to you forward ever backward never.

The challenges of 2018 and the business lessons I’ve learnt

Just like every other entrepreneur, I had stepped into 2018 with great expectations and optimism. In my mind I thought in sha Allah this will be the year, things’ will surely work out fine.
I forecasts 2018 also as the year through which my financial obstacles will be a thing of the past. But alas! it came with its own challenges and of course disappointments from virtualy the angles you least expected.

I know many will say ” its just an excuse for failure” but no it isn’t. Why am I writing this? Well, everyday we have people coming and going into new businesses, I’ve seen so many quitting before they even start, so who knows someone might get inspired to keep pushing after reading my own experience.

After starting a blog for over two years now, I’ve spent a lot of money trying to get it working. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot in my own little way. I was rising like the doughnut which has received a whole lot of yeast. Yes! my blog was being noticed and getting all the attention everywhere, I was getting there, or so I thought. But amid those growth, obstacles are crawling in, it may  be data issue today and tomorrow it could be my device.

The online TV too was trying because I was trying to grow the two together, it wasn’t an easy thing to do but when passion meets determination you can move mountains. After the launch of my online TV, things began to crumble so seriously, I was loosing balance. I was still pushing until it became clear to me that I have to go back to the drawing board again to re_ strategise make new plans. That wouldn’t have happened if my blogging device didn’t brake down with no money to buy a new one, it would not also have happened if my Camera man/editor did not just gone mute on me with no explanations as to what and why he left. Its been over five months now and still no explanation from him, well I have walked past that too.

I summed all these, and decided to suspend my dreams and go for something else, something which will help with the financing of my actual dream. It sounded awkward but its all for the best.


1). Don’t relly on anyone to run your business with respect. Your business is your passion, responsibility and dreams and only you can handle it.

2). Be in charge. When it comes to decision making, you have to rise above everyone and take charge, unless it’s suggestion that can help you progress don’t do it a certain way.

3) Ensure you know at least a little about what you are doing, otherwise those doing it for you will so frustrate your life and make you fail.

4) I’ve also learnt a lot about trust. I am the type that trust too much, but in this 2018 I’ve learnt to take trust to a berest minimal. Because it seems I never learn and makes the same mistake all the time.

5) Finally but not the least, I’ve learnt not to be afraid to try bigger things. Confidence has always been one of my strong holds, but I have also improved on it in this year, I don’t know if it’s because of the bitter experiences I’ve had, but I can walked into anywhere to look for what I want, and no matter who is there, I shall walk in and get it.

Like people always tell me, those mistakes you are making now are your strength and testimonies when you eventually find your breakthrough. So, 2019, here I come and please be nice..