#divorce diary# Breaking up from a relationship that one has taken a whole lot of time to build is not an easy thing to let go, many of those relationships have taken ones time, energy, emotions, and even resources to build. However, there’s a factor that can make that union come to a halt, this does not mean that both parties have not tried to salvage it, but at times it just… Read More

#news# A petty thief have this morning caused a heavy traffic at the wide market bridge leading to sheraton hotel. The thief who was said to have snatched a handbag belonging to a lady ran under the bride for cover after being chased by some two mobile police officers. Un-lookers who also joined in the chase could not apprehend him because he was said to be carrying a very big and long… Read More

Each time I hear people mention how difficult women are or can be, or how ungrateful they are it blows my mind. In reality, nobody will want to be a burdened item on anybody. Meanwhile, people have really never taken their time to want to understand each other properly before drawing conclusions. A man who married a woman he has coated for a while got to see her zeal to excel in… Read More

Filed photo A young woman has took to social media to share her grieve after her boyfriend of two years walked out on her. According to the young woman,  she had participated  in the recent trend called the 10 years challenge where she shared her picture ten years ago and the recent one. This now got her boyfriend upset, according to him he doesn’t like people who change colours as she used… Read More

Many people (women) are going about carrying heavy burdens in their minds with no one to Share with due to lack of trust. Judging by my experience,  one would not blame them for concealing such even if they are dying inside.  Gone are the days where its said that a problem shared is half solved. Many time women smile,  laugh and interact positively with the outside world,  they can really be good… Read More