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Juliet Ibrahim finally opens up on divorce, advice women against ‘unwholesome marriages


Actress Juliet Ibrahim have appealed to women to quit their ‘unwholesome marriages’ where ever it is not working out for them.

Juliet opened up on her divorce during her book launch in Ghana.

Juliet who was married Kwadwo Safo in 2010, after she got pregnant for him in the course of their friendship got divorced in June 2014, after he allegedly cheated on her.

In her exact word on the issue’, ”People have had their own perception about what led to my divorce. I have sat down for many years and have had to deal with the pain and insults from the public who had no clue what I went through as a person during that period and how it affected me. “The depression and all that happened. All I will say is you should never judge someone who wants to come out of a marriage. Because sometimes it is better to come out of it than to stay in it. For your own sanity and mental stability it us always good to take a bold decision for yourself. For your kids, if there are kids involved take a bold decision”.

This may not be the best advice to some people, but in reality it is better to let go than get hurt in the process.

Source: Yabaleftonline.

I am ready to give marriage a chance again as I turned 35

Toke makinwa was married to Maje Ayida for just eighteen-months, however the marriage collapsed in 2015 after he impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon. Their marriage which was contracted in January 2014, was annuled by the Igbosere High court Lagos in October 2017.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, the On Air Media personality stated that this would be her last year as a single lady as she is willing to gove marriage another chance.

She wrote;

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I want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, visit nearby islands, drink some rum and live it up as it’s my last year as a single girl. ready to give marriage a second chance and of course the bambinos too.

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See a screenshot of the post below:-

Only stupid men marry women because of their good body but dumb brains Charlotte Oduro.

A controversial marriage counselor, Mrs. Charlotte has given men tips on the kind of men they need to marry.

According to her, men should not just go for good looks but for what the woman can offer too, noting that beauty is in the outer body.
Everyone is looking for shape, big backside, the big front is, e, and big everything. It is good for a woman to possess an attractive shape,” she said.

“But any woman who has no sense has no future. She is doomed and will be a failure for the husband,” she added. “Don’t go for women with shapes but those who with intelligence, have the fear of God in them and”
The renowned counselor advised men to look for women who are not only attractive but are intelligent, respectful, and have the fear of God in them.

Reno Omokri Gives the full Definition of a husband_ read what he said.

In a tweet Reno Omokri has outline what solely the husband definition, says it was caved from the word Husbandary, which is the study of someone who is a provider the beings under you.

Deadly virus that eat marriages and end them quickly

Each time I hear people mention how difficult women are or can be, or how ungrateful they are it blows my mind. In reality, nobody will want to be a burdened item on anybody.

Meanwhile, people have really never taken their time to want to understand each other properly before drawing conclusions. A man who married a woman he has coated for a while got to see her zeal to excel in all her endeavor, cannot just wake up one day to kill her dream simply because he wants to be in control.


‘Women love to do whatever makes them happy especially what they really want to achieve.

As a spouse, you make so many promises to your wife before marriage to allow her to trade the path she has chosen, but will immediately turn to a monster the moment she has gotten to his house.

Some will not just stop at the controlling freak they are, they will be so dominating, intimidating and all the _nating_ you could know.

Others are so selfish, that won’t even allow the wife to visit her relatives. In an advanced world where everyone needs to survive, every woman needs to be up and doing, there are times her little efforts can save the day too. When she chose to go about something yours is to counsel her, show her the nitty gritty of what she is about to involve herself, is she ready for the challenge or will want to back out the moment it gets tough?

Find a professional to talk to her if need be and support her to reach her goals.


Show a woman true love and you will be the happiest man alive. When the said that love is not everything but at least it forms the basis of the relationship. A woman who is so in love with a man can overlook any Obstacle that the relationship might come with.

Treating a woman like trash simply because she’s already in your house kills your relationship faster than you know it. Why abandoned all those small things you use to do to draw her attention?

Now! On a very serious note, those small I love you, the outing, the petting and all that do them and see if you’ll have a troublesome woman lying beside you. The smallest things we take for granted is what really destroy so many relationships is

This particular one kills faster than Ebola, in every relationship, communication is very vital. So many marriages have ended due to lack of proper communication.

Effective communication help to clear whatever misconception there is between the both of you, must men complain about their wife’s being too demanding (financially) mostly, have you communicated to her on what your take-home income is? Let her into the picture, let her know and it will never be the same again.


Women love to be appreciated for the little things they do, and believe it or not, that also push them to do a whole lot more. Again turning a blind eye to all she does is honestly not a good signal too so learn to appreciate her efforts.

Taking care of children and other responsibilities is no joke even though they may seem so.


The worst of them all, who should apologize first? After all, I am not at fault here, or I am the head why should I succumb to her stubbornness, etc


Although there are some few stubborn and ungodly women who can go to any extent in frustrating a man regardless of how good that man is, such a number should not classified and generalized all as bad.
When you applied a little out of this few topics above, just sit back and enjoy a home free of unlimited love and respect from the woman you chose as a life partner.

So many things are happening today because most of the point I raised above are no longer in existence in most households and so it kills the union so fast before you even realize it.
Leave a comment if you agree with some of my thought, you can write your own perception and contribution at the comment section too so that others can benefit.