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The Beginning Of The End


My head, or should i say the brain has been in flames ever since the first email came, and I still can’t keep calm as the “D” day draws closer or almost here rather.

Have you ever read an email like a 100 times? Well, I have, and the paragraph that excites me the most is the one I am sharing right here with you.

I have always admired the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, I fantasized about going there one day, but not knowing it can be this soon. Well, it’s happening, I shall be spending three consecutive nights there, a dinner with an Ambassador and also attending a Digital Economic Summit all in those three days.

Not just that o, but with a later trip to Sweden next year, if not God who will do that for you?
What do I wear? Well I couldn’t go shopping cos I can’t afford it, but don’t worry, those same ones you’ve seen me with already will be in repeat mode.

However, one thing is for sure, I’m gonna take lots of pictures to share with you guys, with my #Infinix hot 7, I may live stream on all my platforms too if there’s no restriction especially on YouTube and Facebook.
So if you are not on Rasheeda online tv yet, better go and subscribe so that you won’t be left out.
How to subscribe? Go on YouTube search online tv, you’ll see a subscribe written in red, just click and also click on the bell to get an instant notification.

It does not cost a thing. Thanks and be happy for me too, and I pray we all grow in our chosen fields one way or the other. I can’t keep calm!!! Don’t forget it’s my birthday month too😍😍😍😍


Solange Knowles, and Husband Ferguson Split


Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister has taken to Instagram to announce her split from her hubby of 5 years, Alen Ferguson.

In a lengthy message, Solange wrote that they had separated earlier this year, but later finalize their divorce.

11 years ago I met a phenomenal man who changed every existence of my life. Early this year we separated and parted ways. (and tho it ain’t nan nobody business 😭) I find it necessary to protect the sacredness of my personal truth and to live in it fully just so I have before and will continue to do” Knowles said.

33-year-old Knowles and Alan Ferguson wedded on November 16th, 2014 in New Orleans, in a reception that was attended by her sister Beyonce, her brother-in-law J-Zee and m Tina Knowles. The singer is also a mom to a 15-year-old son Julez with her ex Daniels.

I Have to Resign To Save The Church, Pastor Who Got Busted While Marrying Another Wife Says


Pastor Emmanuel Olusegun Taiwo who was caught by his wife while marrying another fellow pastor madam wonder, has finally resigned as a minister of God.

Pastor Emanuel took the decision after his wife, Pastor Vicky, reportedly caught him in a secret wedding in Lagos with another female minister, Pastor Wonder.

PM Express had reported that the secret wedding took place at 6 Matthew Ojo Street by Whitehouse Bus Stop off Governor’s Road, Ikotun area of Lagos.

The resignation followed after one of his wives, Elizabeth, showed up at the venue of the secret wedding. But before then, Pastor Taiwo and Pastor Wonder had hurriedly left the venue over the embarrassment caused earlier by his other wife, Pastor Vicky.

However, their disappearance from the venue did not prevent Mrs. Elizabeth from telling the few guests, who were still present, that Pastor Taiwo was her husband before he dumped her for Pastor Vicky and now trying to get married to the new wife, Pastor Wonder.

When P.M.EXPRESS correspondent contacted Pastor Taiwo over the allegations by different women claiming to be his wives, he said he was no longer a pastor.

“I am no longer a pastor, I have resigned over the scandal to save the Church embarrassment,” he said.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that the newest wife, Pastor Wonder, is the 6th wife, Pastor Vicky was the 5th while Mrs. Elizabeth was the 4th wife in the series with three other women yet to be disclosed.

It was gathered that when Pastor Taiwo heard that Mrs. Elizabeth eventually came to the venue, he was terribly shocked and then decided to quit as a Pastor.

Source:Opera News



Anyone who gets married does that not so it can end one day, or for the fun of it like a taste run which will later be abandoned when the result does not favors you.

But when you get into marriage, you have some expectation from your partner which will make the relationship stronger rather than weakens it.

A lot of parents today always take things for granted and not work or act on them appropriately until things get out of hand and escalate beyond repairs.

I know we are Africans, and most of the sermons normally given to girls who are embarking on a marital journey are that they should not let a third party into their home.

Meaning that whatever the situation the two encounter, they have to try to and learn how to settle their differences perfect.

Although it is a good practice because this will give them room to grow and be matured at heart most especially when the union is being blessed with children.

Now, that is where we are totally getting it wrong and the moment this perception is not changed, most marriages are likely to end in divorce, because by that time, things have already degenerated beyond remedy, and both parties have reached a dead end then it is irreversible to try to save it.

The most important thing that people need to really understand is that courtship is totally different from real marriage itself.

And so no matter how well you think you know each other, when eventually under the same roof, a lot of things come to play which had no idea in the past.


So when it is said that no third party, married couples tend to be roasting in silence, or, the few that might summon the courage to want to open up are being shut down by either relatives or religious leaders reminding them that it is for better or for worst. And this often happens especially if the man is influential or well to do, or if it’s the man may be the parent of the girl are some top shots who he has some financial benefits attached to it or otherwise. They will now make it look like it was a taboo for any of them to seek help.


When children are involved, it makes the matter worst especially for the woman, she dares not cough, her mother will be on her throat with all kind of sermons, “if I had left your father will you have to find yourself here”? and so that is how everyone will be suffocating with no solution until all have reached their limit.


These are the worst set of people that can easily frustrate one from committing suicide.

This is so because they are so judgmental when it comes to other people’s problems, in fact, they are good at turning a victim into being the culprits without actually taking time to know the root cost of the problem.


In some developed countries, couples have the right to take a break, this could be in form of soul searching where everyone looks inwardly to identify their strength, weakness and where they really need to work.

What exactly is he or she lacking in that relationship that really needs to be worked on? And the best way to curtail this ugly trend is to allow everyone some freedom of expression.

This should also not serve as an avenue for misbehavior by both parties but rather a solution to make it work.

Some parent doesn’t even allow their daughters to speak; they claimed to be the best elders, therefore, giving more concern to their reputation rather than the happiness of their word. And in most cases where the woman ends up being at the receiving end.

I met a young woman some years back who happens to venture into prostitution and asked her why she embarked on her journey? She told me that was the only way to save herself as she was forcefully married off to a man she doesn’t love.

And when the marriage wasn’t going on fine and she complained to the parent, she was not being taken seriously and was forced to stay anyway, and that was the best decision she felt she could take for herself.

In as much as parents will not give proper attention to their children who are in this institution called marriage a listening ear to air their views and get the desired help needed in the early stage of their problems.

then Divorce will end up remaining an option for the married couples who have totally lost interest in being together. What is your view on this?

Read Why Jaruma Thinks Mothers-In-Law Are The Sole Cause Of Divorce Most Times


Nigerian Relationship and Sex Therapist has aired her view that most divorce that happens today is being triggered by mother In-Laws.

The millionaire Nigerian relationship therapist has posted on her Instagram space while applauding Chioma, for being lucky not to have a mother-in-law she blames the high rate of divorce on mothers-in-law, stressing that they are responsible for failed marriages in Nigeria.

According to her: “Mothers-in-law are the cause of Divorce! Chioma does not have any mother-in-law making her life a living hell. Chioma is lucky!”

Relationship Coach Solomon Buchi gives reasons why African Women Suffer in Marriage, Read Why

According to Solomon Buchi who is also a relationship coach said Nigerian/African women suffer in marriage Is because they submit too much to the extent of becoming dumb. Read his submission.

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The hypocrisy stinks. 🤮🤮🤮

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Submission makes women dumb. 😭😭

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Strong Women Are Shaped By Men Around them-Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has championed the role men can play in shaping the personalities of young girls.

The actress was speaking In her role in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, also said female characters in films should not have to be portrayed as physically tough in order to be considered strong.

The actress, however, stated that men helped a lot in shaping women to be strong. “I think that, so often, when a story’s told which says ‘this is a strong woman’, she has to beat the man, or she has to be like the man, or she has to somehow not need the man,” Jolie told journalists at the film’s launch.

Referring to her own character in the film and Princess Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, Jolie said: “We both very much need and love and learn from the men.

“And so I think that’s also an important message for young girls, to find their own power, but to respect and learn from the men around them.”

Julie also added that: “We have strong women, but the character that is wrong in the film and has to be taken out is also a woman. We show very diverse types of women, between our characters, but also we have extraordinary men in the film, and I really want to press that point.”

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the sequel to 2014’s Maleficent, is released in the UK later this month and also stars Ed Skrein, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michelle Pfeiffer

Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer also star in the film, which is the sequel to 2014’s Maleficent

Fanning, who reprises her role of Princess Aurora in the film, echoed Jolie’s comments and said her character’s strength is not necessarily physical, unlike many princesses in children’s films.

Aurora’s strength is her kindness, and she stays very true to herself, which is something I wanted to keep in the film. She is soft and feminine and wants to be a wife and have babies, and that’s a beautiful, strong thing that isn’t portrayed a lot on screen.

“A lot of the princesses are like ‘we’re gonna make her a strong princess! And make her tough, so we’re gonna make her fight!’ And it’s like, is that what being a strong woman means? Like, we just have to have a sword and have armor on and go fight? Aurora can do that in a different way, in a pink dress, and it’s beautiful that she keeps her softness and vulnerabilities.”

One of the interesting things is, without realizing, we’ve hit the chapters of the growth of a woman,” she said. “Her birth, her christening, to being a little girl, a teenage girl, to now being a wife. And so in a way, the chapters are following a few things, but one of them is how a woman grows and evolves.” She added.

Source: BBc entertainment

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