I started blogging in 2016 prior to my graduation from Nta tv college Jos an affiliate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where I obtain a BSc in Mass communication/Television Journalism.
  • My Initial passion was to be a Tv presenter but with the advent of online media and how the world has gone digital, I decided to pick blogging as a full-time job as well as be the presenter I’ve always wanted to be, but on the cyberspace.

I am a 42-year-old divorced mother of six  (6), I got divorced from my husband of 22 years shortly after I started blogging, it became very difficult to manage the children as well as maintain the blog. I’ve been on and off up until now.

I am bent on making a difference in the entire north in the online journalism profession as a woman, by following the footsteps of some of my southern/eastern Pairs. I love dispatching information and also love entertainment which is the sole aim of this blog, to entertain, inform and educate and that is INFORTAINMENT. I will also wish to share some of my experience as a mum and as a divorced mum, I hope to connect to the entire world and make a positive impact, I know many women have passed through the same situation as me.

Well, enough of me, let’s reconnect, please if you find any of my post interesting or useful kindly share with your loved ones, comment and like too so I can know we are together because there won’t be rasheedasblog without you the audiences.

I had been on blogger before now but decided to change to WordPress, I can gladly say that I am happy I did.

I would also be pleased to have you subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media platforms. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel too @www.youtube/Rasheeda online UC5ngPwHK65bzTl77fduzMEg

to watch my videos on motherhood as well as current affairs and happenings. Let’s grow together.

And if you have been through divorce and wish to share your story, feel free to send me an email on rasheedausman11@gmail.com

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