Man Arrested for defiling and infecting 3 brothers with HIV in Bauchi


A man who has been on the run was apprehended in Bauchi for constantly having Anal sex with three brothers, he was reportedly apprehended by a group of hunters while on the run.

According to reports, the man has been constantly raping the 3 minors, and threatening to kill them should tell anyone about it. The boys whose ages ranges from 8, 7 and five have been often dragged by their assaulter for over 3 months now.

A source Reuben Kamah who shares the story says tests results have shown that the three young boys, as well as the culprit, has tested positive to HIV and Hepatitis B.

Reuben Kamah wrote.

For over 3 months, this 33-year-old has been having the anus of each of these boys (brothers), U.A-5years, M.A-7years and Y.A-8years.

He drags them into his room and threatens to kill whoever says a word about it.

If RAPE is more about dressing, what would you say about a guy bursting the anal opening of each of these little ones?

Now, test results reveal specimen from the culprit and the 3 victims are all HIV and Hepatitis B Reactive.

He was apprehended by professional hunters in Bauchi, while on the run this morning.


Written by Reuben Kamah

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