Get a divorce and refund my money for Ashoebi, Artist manager Soso say after couples whom he bought their ashoebi for 65k got divorced


Soso Soberekon

Popular artist manager Soso Soberekon has revealed that from now,  couples will have to sign an agreement to refund his money before he can buy any expensive aso-ebi.

According to him, marriages these days no longer last for more than 2 years and it’s really annoying to spend so much on asoebi for a wedding only to hear the couple divorced shortly after the wedding.

Soso added that from now , any couple who would want him to buy their aso-ebi for more than 1500,will have to sign an agreement with his lawyer.

If they divorce, they will have to refund him the money he spent. His decision followed a wedding he had spent so much on crashed 4 days ago just a year plus into the marriage.

His caption in full;

It’s so annoying

I bought an ASO-EBI for 65k last year December and travelled all the way to Enugu from Lagos for the wedding.

Paid my flight tickets to and fro, only for me to hear today that the couples divorced 4days ago!

Marriages don’t last more than 2 years this days, don’t know why.

So from now on, anyone who brings ASO-EBI of over 1,500 for me; will sign an agreement with my lawyer….

You divorce, you refund me my money with interest!

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