Lady dies of pregnancy complications 3 months after her wedding


A young bride simply identified as Zainab reportedly died due to pregnancy related completion just 3 months after their wedding.

A heartbroken family member who shared the news on social media disclosed that the deceased has always had two wishes, 1, was to get married and 2 to have a baby.

Meanwhile, she wedded about 3 months ago and was two months pregnant, she was said to have wished they were twins. But unfortunately for her, she started having complications in which the husband reportedly rushed her to the hospital where she died shortly on Friday.

She was said to have had an ectopic pregnancy which led to her death. May her soul rest in peace.

Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un!!!

Her desires in this world are just two and very simple ones:

  1. To get married
  2. To have a child.

Three months a go she got married and eight weeks ago, she was pregnant. She was so excited. “Aunty Bebi, Ina rokon Allah ya sa twins ne”. That was Zainab, full of hopes.

And just yesterday, “Aunty Bebi don Allah ki zo asibiti yanzu. Wai Zainab ta rasu” that was Abba, her husband, in tears and disbelieve.

Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihi raji’un was all I could hear aunty repeating as she approach me. “Yallabai ka ji Wai Zeehams ta rasu yanzu yanzu nan. Abba ya bugo ma ni ya na ta kuka ya ce don Allah mu je asibiti”

Abba Wai me ya faru ne? Dama Zainab ba ta da lafiya ne?” “Wallahi Yallabai lafiyar ta lau. Bayan mun yi sahur ma har tare my ka yi sallar asuba. Later she complained of stomach pain. When it became persistent, we rushed to the hospital which is very close to my house. She was admitted aka sa ma ta drip”

Da na ga ta samu barchi shi ne na ce bari na je gida na chanza kaya na dawo. Bayan na dawo kawai sai na tarar da ta rasu.”

Zainab died peacefully in her sleep, a watan Ramadhan, a ranar Jumma’a and from pregnancy complications.. she died as a result of ectopic pregnancy. Allah Ka amshi shahadar Zainab.

Allah sarki Zainab! The pregnancy she so much prayed for; she so much looked forward to; she was so excited to have gotten, turned out to be her ajali.

Allah Ka gafarta ma Zainab😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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