Sad how Kenyan widow boiled stones just to keep her hungry kids hope of eating


A woman had trick her 8 children by cooking just stones in other to keep them optimistic about eating. Peninah BahtiKitsapo, who lives in Mombasa, Kenya, worked as a local laundrywoman before the lockdown.

However, On Tuesday, April 28, as she watched her children cry due to hunger, while she had nothing to give them decided to boil stones to keep their hopes alive that food was on the way, with the hopes that they would sleep off while waiting for the food.

Her source of income dwindled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, and she could no longer raise enough money for feeding. But unfortunately for her the children could not sleep due to the intense hunger.

According to her neighbor, Prisca Nyakaragio Momanyi, she heard the children’s cries and rushed to check on the matter, only to find that their mother had boiled stones. Prisca shared her neighbor’s plight with people and the story made it to the local and international media. 

The widow was interviewed by Kenya’s NTV and this prompted donations from a number of people. The widow said she could not believe people would come to her rescue the way they did, calling everything a big miracle

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