Covid-19 11-year-old girl makes donation to Edo state goverment


An 11-year-old girl, Miss Agbongiarhuoyi Eloghosa Favour has donated the sum of N300 to the Edo State government, to support the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the state.

Making her donation in Government House Benin City, Favour said she is supporting the Edo State Government with the money in commemoration of her 11th birthday.

According to Favour, “I am celebrating my birthday and have donated the money to support the Edo State Government. This will help to strengthen the government’s fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“I brought N300 to assist the government to fight the scourge. I marked my 11th birthday two weeks ago and decided to do this,” she said.

The Focal Person of Edo State Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Office, Mrs. Ifueko Alufokhai, commended the little girl for her donation, which she said will encourage others to do likewise.

“I am overwhelmed that an 11-year-old girl is making a difference to her state through her donation.

She is teaching the adults to know how to act, and how to support the government at this critical time. Instead of spending the money on herself, she decided to support the government to fight the pandemic. For me, it is really heartwarming. She has really done well as nothing is too small; it will go a long way to help the government win the fight against COVID 19.”

Agbongiarhuoyi’s father, Pastor Peter Agbongiarhuoyi, who accompanied her to make the donation, expressed delight for the support her daughter has given to the state government.

“I thank God for giving her the idea for the donation in support of the government. This is a lesson to others, reminding us of the need to support the government with whatever we have. It will portray us as good ambassadors and role models to follow,” he said.

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