Why Kano state need to start a house to house testing on COVID-19


The recent deaths being witnessed in Kano which has become so overwhelming need to be thoroughly investigated.

And i think the Kano state Government need to swing into action, take at least samples of 3- 4 of those mass deaths to test and see what is exactly happening? At least it can have a clue from there on what is exactly happening.

I watched a video yesterday where the Cemetery attendants of Dan Dolo cemetery were saying from Friday it has been from 13 corpses and above on which must of them are elderly people.

He said they have even stopped burying them individually so they’ll have to wait and gather like 4 then do it at once, as at the time he was being interviewed, he said some are inside awaiting burial and that was the 13th for that day.

A day from kano exclusively told Rasheedasblog that the death are due to anxiety because they go-to bed healthy and wake up dead. But what if that wasn’t all? What if the virus has already entered before the reported index case and has spread among the people which it’s now taking its pound of flesh on the innocent yet vulnerable senior citizens?

But again just this morning on Twitter, I listen to an audio of a retweet by Aisha Yusuf, where the speaker from Kano was saying he went to both the cemeteries and confirms that the figures were not being exaggerated.

And according to him, their families said they have high fever for just one day and die the next day, which I think the Kano state needs to adopt the Saudi Arabian style of moving from house to house to test people especially those that have lost loved ones recently.

Otherwise, it is a ticking bomb that is yet to explode. The time to act is now.

Opinion by Rasheeda

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