Read how a Zimbabwean mum wrestled a crocodile to save her son


A brave Zimbabwean mother is receiving accolade’s over her bravery after she saved her baby’s life by rescuing him from the jaws of a killer crocodile.

30-year-old Maurina Musisinyana is reported to have left her two children playing under an umbrella on the bank of the Runde River in Zimbabwe while she went fishing nearby.

She ran dashing back to the river bank when heard a scream and found a crocodile dragging away her three-year-old son Gideon.

The mother frantically jumped on the reptile and used her fingers to block its nose, forcing it to release its grip on the boy.

Narrating, Maurina said,I pressed its nose hard, a tip I learnt from the elders long back. If you ­suffocate a crocodile from its nose, it loses its strength and that is exactly what I did. I used my other arm to free my baby’s head from its jaws,” .

The courageous mum succeeded in snatching her toddler, but she was bitten by the reptile which made her sustained an injury. Gideon was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and since recovered.

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