COVID-19 -Senate president Lawal express concern over extrajudicial killings by security, condoles Borno state


The president of the senate, Ahmad Lawal has shown concern in the way and manner security personnel are killing innocent harmless Nigerian over the Lockdown exercise on Covid-19.

Accordingg to Lawal, he is saddened by the report of the Human Rights Commission which disclosed that 18 persons have been killed so far by high handed security officers, tasked to enforce the stay at home directives.

Meanwhile, senator Lawal also sympathize with the people of Borno state over the fire incidents which claims about 15 lives and left many injured.

The senate president who took to his Facebook page to air his dissatisfaction wrote, “‪I am saddened by the report by the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) that 18 persons were killed by high-handed security officers tasked to enforce the stay-at-home directives against #Covid19‬”.

“‪Extra-judicial killings, in whatever guise, should be discouraged in our society. It is a tragedy that those asked to enforce compliance with emergency measures adopted for public safety are now being accused of the needless and totally avoidable deaths of citizens.‬

‪While I condemn in strong terms the actions of this high-handed security officers, I call for a thorough investigation of the cases and that those indicted be promptly brought to account.‬

‪Any officer found culpable of unprofessional use of weapons should as a standard practice be made to face prosecution. ‬

‪I urge Nigerians to continue to cooperate with the authorities as they strive to defend the country against the deadly virus.‬

‪I also want to use this opportunity to commiserate with the victims of the fire incident that occurred on Thursday at a camp housing Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ngala, Borno State, resulting in the death of 14 persons.‬

‪I sympathize with those injured in the inferno and commiserate with the Government and people of Borno State over the tragic incident. I hope that relevant authorities will investigate the incident with a view to averting a re-occurrence.‬

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