NAHCON resumes screening of Airlines/Cargo carriers


The national Hajj Commission of Nigeria NAHCON, has resumed bidding for Airlines/ cargo carriers in preparation for 2020 Hajj pilgrimage.

The three days event which is taking place at the Stonehedge Hotel Abuja commenced on the 11th march has different airline carriers as well as cargo carriers who submitted different bids for the operation.

Just as it is a yearly tradition for the Commission to screen the Companies who will be saddled with the responsibility of conveying the pilgrims to and from the holly land.

In the opening of the bid, Arik who were the first to presents it’s offer proposed $1800 for northern zone and 1900 for southern zone but later changed to $1700 for north and 1800 for south.

Azman Air had initialy quoted $1800 for north and 1850 for south, but reviewed to $1600 for the North and 1650 for south discussing that they have at least 3 aircraft dedicated for Hajj 2020 operations only.

Similarly, Flynas Saudi Arabia who said it has 5 aircraft solely for the uplift of pilgrims as well as one back up quoted $1700 for north and #1750 for south, however, they said they are willing to come down after due consultation.

Other companies made their initial offers and stepped down with merely a difference of $1 dollar each. Although Medview gave a price as low as $1450 and $1200 respectively provided the commission is willing to wave down some parking charges which every company suffers.

Sky prime qouted $1750 for south and 1700 for north, but just like the rest, it stepped down to 1400 for north and 1450 for south with 777, A330 and a 767 aircraft

However, the national Hajj Commission NAHCON, noted that this year, it is only going to consider dedicated airlines for licensed tour operators in order to avoid any occurrence of failing to airlift pilgrims as at when due.

In the categories of excess luggage,
Four companies cargo zeal teach. Esteem cargo and tour, Sopodake global marine services and NAHCO Aviance also made a bid with a disclosure of how many planes(aircrafts), in their kitty to execute the assiquote bit just like others ?
Esteem Cargo and Tours proposed initially quoted SR18 per kg for north and 19 for the south. However, since airlines are also bringing down their bids came down to 17 for north and 18 for south
SOKODOKE GLOBAL MARINE SERVICES quoted SR18 for 17 for the north. But came Down to SR 16 for north and 15 for north and south respectively
Nigeria Aviation Handling Company NAHCO. Quoted SR18 for north as well as 19 for the south.
Cargo Zeal quoted SR19 for the south and 18 for the north

A law maker Hon. Kabiru Habu of the House of representative called on the Commission to always give consideration to the indigenous Airline/cargo carriers which according to him is the only way to improve productivity and support indigenous businesses.

The law maker who is the chairman of the House Committee on pilgrim notes that House of Representatives is interested in knowing whether the BASA agreement with Saudi Arabia which brought Flynas still subsists
He said the House is aware that local airlines have the capacity to carry Nigerian pilgrims and in line with the belief of President Muhammadu Buhari. Local carriers must be encouraged
He also said he knows there was an issue with Medview last year and selection this year must be based on capacity

NAHCON chairman while responding to the law maker said, some of the issues raised by the lawmaker is already being addressed
Urging that the commission is working in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice and Aviation
He also said there is an agreement for 35% allocation to Saudi airlines, two of which are among those who applied and that the Board is open for other suggestions.

The screening will continue until Friday the 13th of March for the sebest Airlines/ cargo carriers to execute the job. See photos from the event below.

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