The ex-husband of veteran actress Ngozi Ezeanu accuses her of marrying off their daughter without his knowledge


Ex husband of Veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Ezeonu, has accused her of marrying off their only daughter, Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu without his knowledge.

Denis Ikpelue, former husband to Ngozi was missing in action on 15th February 2020 when his daughter had a colourful plush wedding in Asaba, Delta State which saw many prominent people in attendance.

Online media reports has it that, the estranged ex husband of Ngozi Ezeonu is in the media, accusing his ex wife of marrying off their daughter without his knowledge and for that matter, the marriage is invalid. When asked on his view on his daughter’s marriage, he said:

I’m the real son of the soil in Igbo land and I am knowledgeable enough to some extent concerning Igbo marriage tradition in Anambra State. In the whole of Anambra State where I belong, a woman does not and has no legitimate right whatsoever to give out a fellow woman’s hand in marriage. It is an abomination and taboo. As such, Ngozi Denis Ikpelue has no legitimate right and authority to give out Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu’s hand in marriage. As long as I and the entire family of Ezeonu and his kindred are concerned, Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu is not married.

Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu is yet to marry. What happened at Asaba Delta State on the 15th of February 2020 was the usual Nollywood home video film shooting. As at the time I lived with Ngozi Denis Ikpelue, I have three children; a daughter and two boys.

Concerning my relationship with Ngozi Denis Ikpelue, it is no speculation that the marriage relationship packed up long time ago. Sometime in the year 2013.’

Ms. Ngozi Ezeonu is yet to respond any of her ex husband’s accusations.Facebook Comments

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