Update on Garkida Attack


Yesterday, Boko Haram terrorist had unleashed terror in Garkida community of Adamawa state, carting away drugs and other items.

However, Report from Garkida has stated that there were no civilian casualties.

A church has been reportedly raised down EYN No.1. According to the a source, the fire was set on the pulpit where some objects were piled and set ablaze. However, youths around the church were able to contain the fire.

Only a small portion of the roof was affected. They burnt the police station and some shops. Some buildings were also burnt in the premises of EYN Rural Health programme. They may be other places burnt as well. BH operated without any confrontation! Even the fighter jet that came reportedly circled Garkida for most part of the attack and left!

source from Garkida, Andrawus Tarfa, narrated how the hoodlums looted the town and set fire to major structures unhindered.

He said, “They came in droves, with about 14 vans and plundered the town; they looted pharmaceutical shops and foodstuff.

They had unfettered access because a battalion of troops in the town was withdrawn sometimes back, leaving behind just a pocket of soldiers who could not repel the insurgents. 

After looting, they burnt down a police barracks, police station, two churches, Living Faith and EYN, and a shopping mall.

People were also killed but I have no record as of now.

They have also razed General Paul Tarfa’s resident, among other important buildings in the town.”

A spokesperson for the police in the state, Suleiman Nguroje, when contacted by our correspondent on the issue, declined comments, saying, “It is exclusively a military jurisdiction.” meanwhile reports from other quarters have stated that 2 military officers lost their lives in the attack

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