My abductors were Fulani’s, in army uniforms- Mitunrayo


Motunrayo Rafiu, a 22-year-old lady that was abducted last week in Kabba, Kogi State, has disclosed that her abductors were Fulani herdsmen disguised as soldiers.

The graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago Iwoye, Ogun State was enroute the Abuja Campus of the Nigerian Law School on February 4 when she was abducted. She 2as released after 6 days after her abductors got N1 million ransom from her family.

Narrating her experience, Rafiu said, “While on my way to resume at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, just before Obajana in Kogi State , we saw that some people numbering about 20 in army uniform blocked the road and we thought that they were soldiers on a routine patrol . But all of a sudden , they started shooting continuously and everybody ran for safety . They , however , caught up with us .

“At first , I wondered if they were Boko Haram insurgents or Fulani herdsmen because they wore masks and had sophisticated guns. You don’t have a choice but to cooperate with them .

Eight people were abducted and we were made to trek into the wilderness . We trekked and climbbed rocks barefooted for the six days we spent in their den ; we were treated like cows . If you dared to walk behind them , they would flog you as if they were dealing with cows .

When we got to their base , some of their workers that also rear cows came to greet them and they started dishing out instructions to the workers . I was made to cook food for the rest of the passengers ; we were given rice and palm oil to eat .

“ I only urinated three times for the whole six days because we had to take permission before we could do anything . While I was there , I believed that I would come out alive ; I encouraged the other victims.”

Rafiu disclosed that her abductors initially demanded N5 million as ransom but beat it down to N1 million after she explained the situation at home to them.

According to her victims, however paid N2 million and above to secure their release.

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