Person responsible for Maryam Booth’s leaked nude video allegedly identified


Yesterday, a nude video of a woman believed to be Maryam Booth was leaked on social media, this came few days after a nude video of Senator Uba Sani was leaked on Twitter and the dust has not yet settled.n

In the video, Maryam was seen stark naked fiddling with her panties but she stopped the moment she found out she was being filmed.

She yanked the phone from the person filming her. With her reaction, one could tell the person behind the camera was not a stranger.

Now in a related development, on Instagram,  has revealed the person behind the leaked video as Maryams ex, Deezell.

Deezell is a Muslim musician and apparently dated Maryam a while back.

According to, the video was taken years back while they were still dating and is no way linked to Senator Uba Sani’s video.

The blogger called for immediate action of the Nigerian police to arrest Deezell for publicly humiliating Maryam by sharing her nude video online.

However, all of this is mere speculations as none of the information has been confirmed.

Source:GH Gossips

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