Are you a not too perfect mum? Then come read this, you are not alone


Sometimes we feel we are not doing enough in times of running the home and the children up bringing, bit whoever said it was easy to juggle around has to have a rethink.

But if you are one of those who feel “I am not doing enough as a mum that’s why some things happen” then read this. That even some people whom we feel are perfect from a distance doesn’t seems so.

Kim Kardashian West let everyone in on her daily “chaos” when she sat down with Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer on Wednesday. With four kids, multiple careers, studying for her law degree, filming her reality show, and so on, it’s a miracle this mom can juggle it all.

A recent incident proved that unexpected things happen that are out of a mom’s control…even Kim’s. Her two-year-old, Chicago, took a tumble right out of her highchair, Kim  reported to Too Fab. “My daughter cut her whole face, stitches, so we had to like figure it all out,” Kim said.

Thankfully, Chicago is OK, but she does have a “big scar on her forehead.” Poor Chicago, but it’ll surely fade since she’s so small. If not, we all know that the Kardashian’s know the best plastic surgeons!

Kim isn’t he only Kardashian who had an “oops” moment with her kiddo. According to Mirror, in 2015 Kourtney opened the car door and didn’t realize her daughter Penelope was right there behind it. She was bonked in the head and nearly fell over.

Of course, it was an accident, but it is very reassuring to all the moms out there that even celebs have those “not-so-perfect” parenting mom moments.

What parent hasn’t been there? The good thing is, kids are resilient. One day Kim and Kourtney will look back on these mom moments and find them funny. Hopefully their kids will too. As long as nothing serious happened, that’s all that matters. Of course, social media will buzz every time these famous moms make a mistake, and they’ll continue to receive unwelcome advice and attention from their haters along the way.

Credit: pop culture/ the mirror/ Too Fab.

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