My daughter did not give birth to boko haram baby, Mr. Sharibu React


In response to the news that broke out stating that Leah Shabiru has given birth to a son fathered by the Boko Haram commander who she was forced to marry, Leah’s father, Mr Nathan Sharibu, has said that he does not want to hear of such pathetic news about his daughter

Mr. Sharibu who was contacted by vanguard said, “I have not heard that and I don’t want to hear any such news.”

Leah Sharibu,  Christian student who was abducted by Boko Haram insurgents in 2018, according to a source who spoke to Sahara Reporters, disclosed that Leah was forced to renounce her Christian faith before the insurgents married her off to their top commander.

Recall, that rasheedasblog reported of another Boko Haram captive Jennifer Ukambong, a Plateau state indigene, who was released on Jan 20, 2020, disclosed that Leah was around Lake Chad where the terrorists are camped.

According to Jennifer, Sharibu is being treated well in captivity and had grown fatter than she was when abducted.

All efforts made by the government to negotiate her release have proved abortive.

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