Borno State Gov. Zulum Inaugurates security trust fund and 3 others


The Governor of Borno state Babagana Zulum, has inaugurated boards of the newly established State Security Trust Fund and Contributory Healthcare Management Agency.

In a report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the governor also inaugurated the boards of the Borno State Education Trust Fund and Bureau for Public Procurement.

Zulum said that the establishment of the agencies was to enhance sustainability and sufficient funding mechanism to fast track the government’s developmental drive. He further stated that his administration accorded priority to security in facilitating institutional and human capacity building for security personnel.

Ha said this application of modern technologies to end insurgency and encourage peace restoration process as well as protect lives and property in the state.

Security will be paramount; we will be relentless in ensuring sustainable peace and tranquillity in the state.

Ensuring sound security architecture requires a huge expenditure on a sustainable basis. Moreover; sourcing for funds must be realistic and sustainable, this informed my decision to create the State Security Trust Fund.”

He said that government would also adopt proactive measures to reinvigorate the educational sector and enhance access to quality education, to accelerate post-insurgency recovery programmes of the state.

Education is given a prime position in the scheme of our governance, quality and functional education lead to more income, greater productivity, higher life expectancy and ultimately a better living standard of the people.

Providing educational services requires huge investment; we will not shirk from this great responsibility,” he said.

Zulum added that his administration would initiate viable development programmes for quality healthcare service delivery in the state.

The governor listed the projects to include upgrade and rehabilitation of health facilities, human capacity development, provision of medical equipment and free maternal services, among others.

While the Public Procurement Board was constituted to provide a legal and policy framework to promote work process, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.

In order to ensure we have a clear nexus between an effective public service delivery, social and economic development, I signed into law the Bureau of Public Procurement,” he said

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