Read the real reason why man who used Hanan Buhari’s sim card was arrested


Reports has revealed that the real reason why Anthony Okolie, was arrested and detained For 10 weeks by the operatives of the Department of States Services  (DSS), for using a phone number previously owned by Hanan Buhari, was that he was using it to commit fraudulent activities after discovering who it’s real owner was.

According to the source, “Okolie discovered that the phone number belonged to the President’s daughter due to the kind of calls he was receiving and thereafter decided to defrauded people with the help of several female accomplices“.

However, when one of the callers who intended to speak with Hanan suspected suspicious dealings, the matter was reported to the DSS.

“It was when someone who knew Hanan very well called and suspected something was fishy that he decided to report the matter to the DSS, who investigated and arrested the suspect.

Okolie was held on criminal intent not because of the line he owned. It is standard practice that when line has been dormant for a long time, service providers reassign lines.

One of his potential victims suspected something fishy when he called the line and the person he spoke with who claimed to be Hanan begged for money.

The man then laid an official complaint after which investigations began and the suspect was arrested,” the source said.

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