Kano State Alone Has A Population Of 900,000 Divorced Women


‪Population: 18million‬
‪Number of Industries: 58‬
‪Number of Mosques: 435,389.‬
‪Number of Churches 674.‬
‪Number of Parentless wandering under-aged kids: 3.67million.‬

‪Number of Divorcee Women including under (14): 857,443
‪Number of jobless youth: 3.8m.‬

‪Kano Statistics Board‬
Restructure. Restructure. Restructure.

A mosque for every 40 people in Kano. And 1 industry for every 300,000 people.

3.7 million Children roaming the streets. 900,000 divorced women with no work.

The state gets allocation from Center and pays wages for over less than 300,000 pple with its multiplier effect of one million pple.

The rest are buying and selling at Kurmi market, Bata etc, less than 50,000 are employed by the industries.

In the “South East” there are over 8 major towns in Anambra state that can beat the 58 industries status of Kano.

Ihiala one of the smallest of the towns in Anambra with over “64 industries” employs over 20,000 people! No child roams the streets.

They go to school or they are apprenticed out to learn a trade. The situation in Kano is replicated virtually in all the Northern States.

Do not expect any change soon. So long as the oil is flowing from the center. ANY CHANGE SIMPLY MEANS THE END OF IT ALL. INNA-LILLAHI WA’INNA ILAYHIL RAJI’UN.

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