Dino Melaye speaks on why he joined nollywood


Former Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial Zone, Dino Melaye who joined Nollywood just few hours after the Appeal Court affirmed the decision of the Kogi Election Petition Tribunal nullifying his victory has finally spoken about why he joined the entertainment industry

Speaking at the premier of the movie in Abuja, Melaye said he believed that everyone has a role to play and should be brought to bear, noting that the home video offered him unfettered access to share his political experience with the hope of entrenching good governance and accountability in the political system.

The Herald reports that the senator said the quantum of the GDP that the entertainment takes in America is more than the budget of the federal republic of Nigeria.

According to him,  “I have so much confidence in the entertainment industry, being a very strong sector of national life that could be valued more than oil and gas sector, hence the need to be given more attention by government. I brought my political experience to bear and to say that in changing the society everyone should be involved in it.

“The message is that we must have a nation and a society where leaders must be responsible, where followers must ask questions, where every Nigerian must decide to either work in the light of our creative altruism or we perish in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

“In America the quantum of the GDP that the entertainment takes is more than the budget of the federal republic of Nigeria. So the federal government must actually re-strategize and refocus her energy on the entertainment industry, it is a big catch for us.

“It wasn’t a true life story but I can say it also juxtaposed my position about a just and egalitarian society, having a society where equity, justice and egalitarianism become the order of the day.

“I have always acted, I was the best national actor during my NYSC days and I just feel anyway t send a message to Nigerians, anyway to ameliorate our problems, anyway to get Nigeria out of the cocoon will be a very strong way to correct the ills in the society and I believe that entertainment industry is one of the strongest weapons that we can use to ameliorate our problems in this country.

 “Any movie you see me in must speak or talk a story about rebuilding a new society, about energizing Nigerians to come out of their cocoon, to speak the truth to power. So in any way through music, through movies to help build a better society I will be willing to participate and I am doing this pro bono.”

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