2019, sweet and sour but it was my best so far

  • hmmm, where exactly do I start from? Well, I am not that good at making resolutions, this is because I am not sure I will keep them. Time without number I tried to fall into the category of resolution-making, but I either end up not keeping to them, or I will even forget I made them.
  • But one thing is for sure, that I pick up every bit of a challenge that comes my way, no matter how taxing it is. I face situations with passion and strength if its something that requires dedication or bravery.

  • The year has come and gone just like any other year I’ve witnessed in my over four decades of existence, but I say, in these years later, the challenges were so immense that at times I feel I am no longer human. When I look back at some of the situations I’ve had to pass through just to survive, I often wonder if it’s truly me.

  • But it is widely believed, that whatever does not kill you is surely building you up to become stronger. And time after time I can’t agree any less.

  • The year 2019 came with its own Garbage, but a lot of lessons were learned, a lot of relationships established, others got broken; its part of life isn’t it? But the most important thing here is survival. The silent screams in the long lonely nights with no one to actually confide in except the almighty God has done a lot of molding in who I vow day by day to become and how I intend to go about it.

  • A lot of favors were gained and many others denied, so many opportunities popped up even though so many of them slipped away, but who cares? Life and health are still a very big achievement to start with and that was not tampered with by the one who controls our going in and coming out which makes so many things possible to have happened and it equally made everything interesting.

  • I have always tried to maintain my small lane and that has somehow worked for me in the past and still working for me to date, I also wish to maintain it and stick to it which means staying out of the drama, isn’t that fair enough?

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  • I think I have said enough, thank you for being with me all through, let’s do 2020 and forever together. Happy new year everyone.

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