Divorce and societal stigma


When you have never been in a situation, you will never know how difficult it is to be there, that is why an adage says he who wears the shoes knows where it hurts the most.

I saw a report sometimes back about the number of divorce women both young and old in Kano state, and my heart jumps.

You can imagine just one state harboring about (900,000) Nine hundred thousand divorced women, and about 95% of them not have any formal education, skill or any source of livelihood.

And Must of them also have children from such marriages.
But the world today has become so cruel that some men will not think twice before sending a woman out of her matrimonial home for something very trivial.

This is regardless of whether she is a mother or just someone else’s daughter, well there’s no need crying over spill milk but the biggest challenge here is the stigma that comes with such actions from the society that is supposed to shield her and protect her from such cruelty.

Where on earth has divorce ever become a disease? Take for instance in countries like India where the woman will not have any form of social life and she will not remarry because no family will want their son to marry her.

Same goes to some of our Nigerian families where she will become a victim of hatred and maltreatment in such a family that’s if eventually, she found someone willing to accept her.
The one that will take you off balance is the accusations and counter-accusations of the self-respect of the woman, some will be questioned on the sincerity of their dignity when it comes to her relationship with the opposite sex, whether she is in business or she is a working-class woman.

Again she has no freedom of genuinely earning a livelihood except she is sleeping with one boss or the other to gain favors.mmm

There are so many women all over the world who are earning a legitimate living without anyone helping them out, humility is all they have and that is what is earning them whatsoever, .

That’s is why so may women will rather remain in such marriages some even die an untimely death, some have becomes victims of acid bath, and many numerous abuses.

So, society should stop stigmatizing divorce women, but give them an avenue where they can be useful to themselves, children and society.

Have you ever been through a divorce? Tell us about your experience, how you handled and what you did to overcome it? Live a comment below

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