In the spirit of Christmas, a Los Angeles church is paying medical bills of 5000 people In the community

Church says it will pay off $5.3M in medical debt

A church in Los Angeles has offer to pay off a whooping $5.3 million in medical bills for more than 5,000 households of its a community. The church, Christian Assembly Church worked with RIP Medical Centre to map out the active households that call the church home.

Church says it will pay off $5.3M in medical debt 00:55

In those 28 neighborhoods, there was $5.3 million worth of outstanding medical debt. RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that buys medical debt at a steep discount and then sells it to entities like the church. So, the church decided to purchase the $5.3 million debt as a Christmas gift.Pastor Tom Hughes announced the “Christmas surprise” on Sunday in a video posted on Facebook.

And now the church will be able to pa off each dollar for a sent so the church’s total cost will be $53,000, he said.”Once we do this, it will end all the harassing phone calls from the debt collectors,” Hughes said. “But not only that, we will work with the credit agencies to repair their credit score for the impact of these unpaid medical bills,” he said.Hughes said that this “crushing” debt was a burden to families that earn less than twice the federal poverty line in the 28 neighborhoods. The debt affects 5,555 households in the Los Angeles area. The church is in Eagle Rock, a neighborhood northeast of downtown Los Angeles.” May God assist and reward them


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