If you are already a mum or on your way to becoming one, then this post is for you. Sitting back and seeing the wonderful job you all have been doing in trying to run the home by balancing your duties is quite amazing.

You’ll all agree with me that it is not that easy trying to juggle in between running the home and having a carrier, for those women who are carrier women. The burden is most times very difficult to handle especially if you have half a dozen kids like me (smiles).

When the situation gets so tense, some women will just cry not knowing what to do, just like we differ in size, shape, and body so we are when it comes to emotions and strength, some are really strong while others are so fragile and cannot withstand stress.

That is why it is always good for fathers to assist in whichever little way they can to ease the heavy burden from the mothers who are battling with so much, and you will also agree with me that when it comes to caring for the children, women are very soft but lacks the wisdom to do it right, and the men can solve a simple problem in no time faster than the women (mothers).

This is a very short post and it is just to wish every mother out there the very best and that she should carry on with the good work she has been doing in running the home and running her own carrier be it business or an office job you guys are amazing.

If you are a mum, and also a carrier mum please don’t hesitate to leave a comment telling us your experience on how you are managing both jobs at the same time. This is not to say that none working or carrier mum’s re not doing well, but you know what it takes to handle the two is definitely not a joke.

Because on several occasions some women will want to do one thing at a time, they either start their career very early before settling down to have a family or, they’ll want to start a family first, whichever category you belong to, just know that nothing is late and nothing is too early. Each has their destiny to reach and with determination and hard work it shall be achieved
Also, watch my youtube video on applauding the mums worldwide and please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch my videos on motherhood and many more.

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