The need to restore our norms and values


So I had long wanted to remain on my lane and not be too controversial about issues that did not concern me.

I often get attacked for telling it the way it is, but I just can’t keep quiet anymore because that’s why I am in this space, to educate, inform as well as entertain.

Moreover, I am also a mother and felt that the trends are not so good for our upcoming young girls.

I am using this particular picture because we seem to be drifting away from the real norms and values our parents instilled in us ‘then’.

Various people may want to look at it in a different way as in what’s her own? Ok, it concerns me because we have a generation of girls who have no respect for womanhood.
You must not dress in a certain way before you could be seen as beautiful, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

In those days girls don’t joke with parts of their bodies especially their breasts, I remember one time in class, SS 1 or two one male teacher asked us the girls if it’s true that girls will prefer their under to be seen than their breast?

Being the old school girls of that time, none of us were about to answer and we never knew the answer. But today reverse is the case, if one breast or rather both are not hanging outside, or your home bum or lap is not seen then you are not fashionable.

And most times you wonder if those girls are really orphans. Left for me no sane mom should allow her girl in the name of trends of fashion
To step out looking this way.
Back then there was an excuse for how young girls hide those skimpy clothes in the bag while going out, but today I believe it’s right in front of their parents.

And don’t get me awry maybe becausee I am using a photo of a Christian girl no, religion has nothing to do with it. I grew up in a very strict pastoral home, where if your skirt is not below your knee you can’t go out.

And we respected that and today we are glad we did. What is wrong remains wrong even if everyone else is doing it?
Where are the preachers? They’ve all deviated to looking for their own livelihood. But it is high time for parents, society, institutions and relevant stakeholders to come together to correct the wrongs.

One Comment on “The need to restore our norms and values

  1. Very well said my dear. Its just sad what our society has turn into honestly. We need to change for the better for our young generation.

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