Read As 3 Performers Were Stab In Riyadh During An Entertainment Show


Three persons who were performing on a stage play in Riyadh were said to have been attacked by someone with a knife stabbing the performers.

The man was said to have made an entrance and headed straight to the stag where he allegedly stab the three performing artist.

However, the security we’re said to have overpowered him and took him away.

The incidence is said to be the firstt of it’s kind ever since the country opened its doors for entertainment.

At around 8.00 p.m. Riyadh police have arrested a Yemeni national, aged 33, after he stabbed two men and a woman who were members of a theatrical group during a live show in a theatre at King Abdullah Park in Malaz district, in the center of the capital city,” spokesman of Riyadh police said in a statement.

The man, carrying a knife, was seen stomping onto the stage to attack performers in theatrical costumes during a musical performance, in footage broadcast on Al-Ekbariya. Security men immediately stormed and overpowered the attacker.

The artists who sustained superficial wounds were provided treatment and they were in stable condition, the spokesman said adding that police started an investigation into the incident. SG/SPA

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