The Beginning Of The End


My head, or should i say the brain has been in flames ever since the first email came, and I still can’t keep calm as the “D” day draws closer or almost here rather.

Have you ever read an email like a 100 times? Well, I have, and the paragraph that excites me the most is the one I am sharing right here with you.

I have always admired the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, I fantasized about going there one day, but not knowing it can be this soon. Well, it’s happening, I shall be spending three consecutive nights there, a dinner with an Ambassador and also attending a Digital Economic Summit all in those three days.

Not just that o, but with a later trip to Sweden next year, if not God who will do that for you?
What do I wear? Well I couldn’t go shopping cos I can’t afford it, but don’t worry, those same ones you’ve seen me with already will be in repeat mode.

However, one thing is for sure, I’m gonna take lots of pictures to share with you guys, with my #Infinix hot 7, I may live stream on all my platforms too if there’s no restriction especially on YouTube and Facebook.
So if you are not on Rasheeda online tv yet, better go and subscribe so that you won’t be left out.
How to subscribe? Go on YouTube search online tv, you’ll see a subscribe written in red, just click and also click on the bell to get an instant notification.

It does not cost a thing. Thanks and be happy for me too, and I pray we all grow in our chosen fields one way or the other. I can’t keep calm!!! Don’t forget it’s my birthday month too😍😍😍😍


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