Meet Britain Tiniest Twin Boys Who were Born At 23 Weeks, Survived Against All Odds


A Britain mum hails her twins for defying what she describes as the astonishing odds to survive. Says the boys are her “one in a million”.

Talia disclosed that Doctors gave her 15.1oz son Joe a one per cent chance to live.

But he and battler brother Ashley — 14.2oz at birth — are now healthy at seven months.

Born at just 23 weeks, they are the smallest twins to survive in the UK.

Each weighed less than a 500ml bottle of water, and were barely bigger than Talia’s hand.

Only American sisters Rumaisa and Hiba Rahman, born in 2004, were tinier.

Nurse Talia, 32, a mother of six from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, said: “Ashley and Joe are my bouncing little miracles.

“I feel extremely lucky and very grateful. I guess they are one in a million.

“It’s truly extraordinary to think I could have the world’s smallest twin boys.”

Doctors feared for Joe when his separate amniotic sac ruptured prematurely. After birth the twins spent 129 days in intens. give care unit.

Talia added: “The doctors gave Joe just a one percent chance after what he’d gone through.

“And the consultant said it was incredibly rare for both twins to survive with such low birth weights.

“Studies have also shown premature boys are less likely to do as well as girls. It just goes to show what incredible fighters they are.

“With all these terrible predictions we just had to focus on each day in the hospital and each milestone.”

Both Ashley and Joe spent 129 days in intensive care after they were born.

Talia and her husband were warned that premature boys are less likely to do as well as girls.
The boys were born on April 16 and were allowed home in AugustCredit: The Sun
Husband Oliver, 35, added: “It has been a very traumatic experience but we are just so truly grateful they are here.“It has definitely brought us closer together as a family.“We’ve been so blessed, they are our little miracle babies that complete our family.”

It’s truly extra hey were allowed home in August and are doing well. Ashley is big enough for newborn clothes and Joe is size 0-3 months.Talia and mechanic Oliver only discovered their twins were the smallest after reading about a previous set, Rylea, and Robyn Comer.

Rylea weighed 15oz and Robyn 1lb 3oz.Keith Reed, of Twins Trust, confirmed: “Ashley and Joe are the smallest we have heard of in the UK. It’s great news to hear that they are doing so well.

“It is thanks to the brilliant hospital staff for looking after tiny babies so well. This just shows why specialist care is so important.”.Talia and Oliver were thrilled after learning they were expecting a baby surprise — then discovered it was twins. But at 17 weeks, there were signs of problems in the pregnancy.

Three weeks later Talia’s waters broke and the boys were born after 23 weeks. They were so premature their eyes were fused shut.

Talia added: “When we had the problems before birth, we were told to consider a termination. Then Joe’s waters broke early and they told me he may not survive and could die at birth.“I went into labor and had Joe naturally, and Ashley by cesarean section afterward.

“They were close together so there was a risk. They are twins but they had separate sacs.”Staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol were supported by the Royal United Hospital in Bath, Somerset. At 17 weeks there were signs of problems in the pregnancy and three weeks later Talia’s waters.

broken couple say they were thrilled after learning they were expecting a baby – and were even more shocked when they discovered it was
Ashley and Joe are seven-months-old and doing well, although dad Oliver says their birth was a very traumatic experience for the family

Credit: The

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