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Visa Openness in Africa: Report Shows Improvement in Visa Restrictions


A 2019 Africa Visa Openness Index published by the African Union Commission and African Development Bank has revealed that African travellers now have liberal access to over half the continent.

The report said for the first time, on average, Africans could travel to approximately 27 countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival.

The report was launched on Monday on the sidelines of the Africa Investment Forum, which opened in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The progress on visa openness in Africa followed growing momentum for greater integration between countries and signalled that policymakers across the continent were pushing reforms, making it easier for African businessmen and women, investors, students and tourists to travel.

This fourth edition of the Index showed that 47 countries improved or maintained their visa openness scores in 2019. African visitors no longer need a visa to travel to a quarter of other African countries, whereas visa-free travel…

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Read How Kano Police Beats Up Young Man To Death After His Dad Had Taken Him For Questioning


By Nasir Zango

Police in Kano have beaten to death a 26-year-old man, Abdulkadir Nasiru, after his father took him to police station for questioning.

DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that the father handed over the son the Madobi Police Station after policemen went to his residence in search of him over a case of neighborhood gang fight.

Nasiru Madobi, the father of the deceased told DAILY NIGERIAN that as a law-abiding citizen, when his son returned home he took him voluntarily to the police station for interrogation.

“A quarrel ensued when a policeman started slapping and beating him in my presence after an argument. When another officer joined the quarrel to beat him, he started retaliating,” he said.

According to the father, three more policemen soon took sticks to beat his son to a pulp.

“The situation made me leave the police station immediately as I could not stand the pain of seeing my son being beaten on a simple matter that can be resolved among parents.

Crying profusely, Mr Madobi added that when he reached home he sent the elder brother of the deceased to plead with the police.

Also narrating how the incident happened, the elder brother to the deceased, Ahmed Nasir, said the policemen ignored his pleas and kept beating his brother until he fell down unconscious with his mouth foaming.

According to him, he had to pay N8,000 before police allowed him carry his unconscious brother to the hospital, where he was declared dead by doctors.

The family then appealed to the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, and commissioner of police to ensure that justice is served.

Spokesman for Kano Police Command, Abdullahi Kiyawa, confirmed the incident, saying four policemen have been arrested.

Mr Kiyawa said the case had been transferred to the Homicide Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department for proper investigation.

He said the command would take decisive action against officers involved in the killing after investigation.

The emir of Karaye, Ibrahim Abubakar II, also called for proper investigation into the death, calling on the commissioner of police to ensure that all those behind the act were brought to book.

Photos- UK Based Nigerian Teen Bags Recognition For Finding New Math Formula


Young Chika is a 12 year old Nigerian boy who had founded a new formula in solving maths. The formula which is called the Chika’s test has earned him recognition in the UK for discovering the formula.

The formula 7 is said to be used to check divisibility by 7 Congratulations to the young man.

Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari Hosts Special Prayers For The Country To Mark Eid-El Moulood- Photos


Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has today hosted a special prayers for the country.

The first Lady made this known on her official Facebook page where she posted photos from the venue of the prayers and wrote, “Today I hosted a special prayer session convened for the Nation.

The event reviewed the importance of supplication for the nation’s guidance and development, the event witnessed the presence of Islamic Scholars from across the nation.

I appreciate the presence of scholars and high government officials that attended the prayer session

I call on the Muslim Ummah to promote the spirit of tolerance, love, harmony, and peaceful coexistence among the people of different faiths in the nation”. See more Photos Below.

Stop Trafficking Your Children Because Of Hardship, Gbong Gwom Jos To Parents In Riyom LGA


Chairman of the traditional council of chiefs Plateau state, Da Jacob Gyang Buba has lamented over the reports of child trafficking in the state, specifically Riyom Local government council.

Da Buba said this during the annual service of the Berom nation titled “Wusal Berom”, held at Kuru in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Da Buna was quoted as saying, I have been informed about what parents are doing, particularly in Riyom Local Government Area – that parents sell their children to make a living. We will not tolerate this and any man who indulges in this will be arrested and prosecuted.
“It is the responsibility of men to take care of their families and we will not accept the act of giving out children to people that their identity is not known for proceed due to hardship“.

The monarch enjoined parents to work hard and be sole responsible for their wards.

Meet Britain Tiniest Twin Boys Who were Born At 23 Weeks, Survived Against All Odds


A Britain mum hails her twins for defying what she describes as the astonishing odds to survive. Says the boys are her “one in a million”.

Talia disclosed that Doctors gave her 15.1oz son Joe a one per cent chance to live.

But he and battler brother Ashley — 14.2oz at birth — are now healthy at seven months.

Born at just 23 weeks, they are the smallest twins to survive in the UK.

Each weighed less than a 500ml bottle of water, and were barely bigger than Talia’s hand.

Only American sisters Rumaisa and Hiba Rahman, born in 2004, were tinier.

Nurse Talia, 32, a mother of six from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, said: “Ashley and Joe are my bouncing little miracles.

“I feel extremely lucky and very grateful. I guess they are one in a million.

“It’s truly extraordinary to think I could have the world’s smallest twin boys.”

Doctors feared for Joe when his separate amniotic sac ruptured prematurely. After birth the twins spent 129 days in intens. give care unit.

Talia added: “The doctors gave Joe just a one percent chance after what he’d gone through.

“And the consultant said it was incredibly rare for both twins to survive with such low birth weights.

“Studies have also shown premature boys are less likely to do as well as girls. It just goes to show what incredible fighters they are.

“With all these terrible predictions we just had to focus on each day in the hospital and each milestone.”

Both Ashley and Joe spent 129 days in intensive care after they were born.

Talia and her husband were warned that premature boys are less likely to do as well as girls.
The boys were born on April 16 and were allowed home in AugustCredit: The Sun
Husband Oliver, 35, added: “It has been a very traumatic experience but we are just so truly grateful they are here.“It has definitely brought us closer together as a family.“We’ve been so blessed, they are our little miracle babies that complete our family.”

It’s truly extra hey were allowed home in August and are doing well. Ashley is big enough for newborn clothes and Joe is size 0-3 months.Talia and mechanic Oliver only discovered their twins were the smallest after reading about a previous set, Rylea, and Robyn Comer.

Rylea weighed 15oz and Robyn 1lb 3oz.Keith Reed, of Twins Trust, confirmed: “Ashley and Joe are the smallest we have heard of in the UK. It’s great news to hear that they are doing so well.

“It is thanks to the brilliant hospital staff for looking after tiny babies so well. This just shows why specialist care is so important.”.Talia and Oliver were thrilled after learning they were expecting a baby surprise — then discovered it was twins. But at 17 weeks, there were signs of problems in the pregnancy.

Three weeks later Talia’s waters broke and the boys were born after 23 weeks. They were so premature their eyes were fused shut.

Talia added: “When we had the problems before birth, we were told to consider a termination. Then Joe’s waters broke early and they told me he may not survive and could die at birth.“I went into labor and had Joe naturally, and Ashley by cesarean section afterward.

“They were close together so there was a risk. They are twins but they had separate sacs.”Staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol were supported by the Royal United Hospital in Bath, Somerset. At 17 weeks there were signs of problems in the pregnancy and three weeks later Talia’s waters.

broken couple say they were thrilled after learning they were expecting a baby – and were even more shocked when they discovered it was
Ashley and Joe are seven-months-old and doing well, although dad Oliver says their birth was a very traumatic experience for the family

Credit: The

All Eyes on AfDB as Africa Investment Forum’s ‘Short on Talk, Heavy on Deals’ Begins in Johannesburg


The much-touted Africa Investment Forum’s ‘Short on Talk and Heavy on Deals’ is underway in South Africa.

Around 2,000 delegates are expected to attend the innovative investment marketplace, bringing together heads of state, project sponsors, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors in 60 boardroom sessions to move projects from commitment to action.

Organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and its partners, the second edition of the forum is currently taking placein Johannesburg till November 13.

The multi-stakeholder transactional marketplace is aimed at raising capital, advancing projects to bankable stage and accelerating financial closure of deals.

“Last year we achieved remarkable results with over $36 billion of investments interests that were signed or being closed. We are hoping that this year it is going to be even better,” said Deputy Director General of the National Treasury of South Africa, Vuyelwa Vumendlini.

Sharing similar sentiments, the Senior Advisor to the…

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