I Will Be Sharing The Same Alma Meta With My Daughter


It is always good to celebrate when good things happens to us, something extraordinary that makes us happy and made history.

This post is about myself and my daughter, we both achieved something remarkable within a week. It did not just happen, or neither was it a coincidence, but the fact that it came at once made it a bit of history.

I totally lost hope of serving my fatherland in the youth service scheme exercise (NYSC) where graduates goes to serve for a period of one year.

Although it was not my intention to serve as I just wanted to focus on being the entrepreneur I am meant to become, all my mates went for service, finished before my own mobilization came a little over a year.

Even though I still hesitate, but was persuaded by people who meant well for me and I accepted to serve, i took up up challenge of dealing with the children as well as discharging my primary assignment.

Don’t also forget that I am a single mother of six 6, my daughter has been in the university studying architecture.

My service year came to and end last week 31st October 2019, and a week later which is 6th of November my first daughter finished her school too as a graduate of Architectural Sciences.

One other coincidence is that we will both have a certificate from the same institution because the school i went to is an affiliate of her own school, and I was awarded my Bsc certificate from her school, this virtually means that we will be sharing the same Alma Meta.

This also shows that whatever we set our minds to, we can achieve. Despite the challenges that life has thrown and is still throwing at us, we pulled through. I think we deserve some accolades

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