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Kardashian’s Taking Over Almost everything, Read How- Photos


Mention everything and the Kardashian Jenner girls will come running.

The show knows how to keep the dollars rushing to their purse, their Kardashian sisters, have just launched a new fragrance collection together called “Diamond Collection”.

Kim has often had her Fragrance line alone called the KKWfregrance, but of recent she coopted her sisters into in. According to kink,

According to Kim, ‘This collection is really special because it’s the first fragrance collaboration I’ve done with Kourtney and Khloe for my line. Each of the fragrances really capture us individually “.

“I love it that it has captured each of us differently, my fragrance is always fresh and floral,” she said. See photos from the collection of fragrance.

NGF on N30,000 Minimum Wage…


Kayode Fayemi

“FEC does not determine what happens in the states; states have their own state executive council and that is the highest decision-making body at the state level.

“The forum, as the representative body of the states, keenly followed what happened in the negotiations that transpired that led to that (federal government) template.

“As far as as we are concerned, the best the forum can do is to stick with what has been agreed with the states.

“States are part of the tripartite negotiations. States agreed to that N30,000 minimum wage increase. States also know that there will be consequential adjustment, but that will be determined on what happens on the state-by-state basis because there are different number of workers at state level, there are different issues at the state level.

“Every state has its own trade union joint negotiating committee and they will hold discussions with their state…

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Nigeria’s Unemployment Rate Frightening, Says AfDB


AfDB President, Akinwumi Adesina (left) and President Muhammadu Buhari

African Development Bank (AfDB) Monday said the unemployment situation in Nigeria was frightening and could become catastrophic if decent jobs were not created for the country’s youth population.

The bank raised the concern at the regional presentation of a report entitled: “Creating Decent Jobs: Strategies, Policies and Instruments” in Abuja.

The report, a compilation of policy recommendations from some of the world’s leading labour and development economists, also looked at the unemployment situation in different African countries.

AfDB Senior Director, Nigeria Country Department, Ebrima Faal, in an address, said Africa was currently facing a job crisis, with African Economic Outlook estimating that 20 million new jobs needed to be created annually until 2030 to absorb new entrants to the workforce.

Faal, however, noted that the situation in Nigeria was frightening due to the country’s population.

Only the creation of decent jobs…

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