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Governor Seyi Makinde Met with World Bank Representative -Photos


Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has disclosed that today he met with some world bank representatives in Abuja.

According to the governor, they were introduced to the new country Director of the World Bank, Shubham Chauchuri.

Says it was an opportunity to review the portfolio of projects being carried out in Oyo state. Especially the Ibadan Urban flood Management.

Read Why Mothers Are Always Outstanding


Mothers are always outstanding because of their roles in the home and in the life of everyone who lives around them.

They lay down everything for nothing in return precisely. How they double up as caregivers and and home builders.

The most fulfilling duty of moms out there is to see their children happy.

That alone comes with a whole lot of sacrifices. The happiness of a mother often lies beneath her children’s, because she feels that 99.9% of caring, protecting, and making sure that everyone is comfortable lies with her.

What they eat, how they leave and the environment they leave in all forms the basis of being happy.

No mother will want an unhealthy, insecure and hazardous environment where the life of her children is at risk.

These in most times comes with comprehensive knowledge of the overall situation.

Considering the kind of world we live in today, where children are being kidnapped for one thing or the other.

Evil has taken over the place with little or no adequate security to go round everyone. The world has turned into a monster where even parents/adults are not safe.

This is why mothers need to be more vigilant and create time to study everything that affects their children.

Get to know their schools, the environment and the people living in it. How your kids relate to people and distance them from questionable character.

Even family members, in this case, should not be trusted 100% because the majority of the kidnapping that takes place today is being the mastermind of such relatives.

Uncles and aunties should be kept at the close tap to know most of their move and what they are up to.

It is also necessary to educate the children by teaching them how to be vigilant on their own since we are not always gonna be around them and so they will want to know how to be smart on their own.

They most also are caution against collecting things from strangers e.g Snacks. These things have over the years played a very vital role in making children fall, victims of circumstance.

Therefore, we should make it a point of duty to stay at peace with one another in our environment, treat people with love and respect in other to avoid falling victims of mischievous and dangerous people.

Nigerians React As President Buhari Jets Out To Saudi Arabia.


Nigerians have reacted to the incessant traveling of president Muhammadu Buhari out of the country.

The President who just returned from Sochi, Russia where he attended the Russia-Africa Economic Summit has again jet Out to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at Riyadh.

The president will be attending the third Future Investment Initiative (FII) organized by Saudi’s Public Investment Funds (PIF) to seek further investment opportunities.

The President is also expected to proceed to the United Kingdom from Riyadh.

But Most Nigerian are not so happy with his constant sojourn abroad. Some, are of the opinion that, he should start delegating duties to his ministers since he cannot honor all invitations by foreign leaders. Read some of the responses on Twitter bellow.