Read How Hot Porridge Tragically Killed 3 siblings In A Keke Napep In Bauchi State.


3 children have been reported dead in Bauchi state following a tragic event, hot porridge which was being transported in a tricycle during marriage celebration claimed the lives of three children, aged nine months seven years and nine years respectively.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the porridge was being transported in a jumbo-size plastic flask when the tricycle plunged into a pothole and upturned, emptying its contents on the occupants of the tricycle.

A relation Auwal Bala, who Narrated the incident to NAN on Sunday, said the tragedy occurred on Wednesday while the family was celebrating the marriage of a member.

Three women and six children were inside the tricycle conveying the porridge, known as ‘gate’ in local parlance, to the venue of the celebration.

“The flask containing the porridge was placed inside the tricycle at the top rear and when the tricycle plunged into a large pothole, it somersaulted and the extremely hot content of the flask poured on the children on their heads, shoulders, and chests.

“Three of the children, namely Aniya Yahaya, six years; Mariam Mohammed, nine years and Ibrahim Yusuf, nine months, died from serious burns, while a fourth child, Khadijah Usman, aged seven, is currently in critical condition,” Mr. Bala said.

Bala also said that one of the women also sustained injuries, while the remaining two children and two women escaped unhurt.

Their philosophy is that “God giveth, God taketh, and who are we to question the will of God,” he concluded.

Source: (NAN)

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