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Girl Child Day Celebration Mrs Lalong organise Peace Walk -photos


Plateau State first Lady Mrs. Regina Simon Lalong has in collaboration with Switch Foundation, organized a peace walk to celebrate the day.


Mrs. Lalong also uses the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of the girl child to engage the High-Level Women Advocates Plateau State Chapter as part of the stakeholders who participated in the peace walk.

See pictures from the walk.

Source: Zakiya Usman Zumunta Facebook.

Dino Melaye Suffers Another Defeat at Appellate Court, Gives Praise to God


Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial district, Friday suffered another defeat at the Court of Appeal.

A three-member panel of the Appellate Court led by Justice Yahaya Dantijo, in a unanimous decision, affirmed the judgement of a National Assembly/House of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal in Kohi State.

The tribunal had earlier on sacked Melaye and ordered that fresh elections be conducted in the district.

Justice Dantijo on Friday ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to withdraw the certificate of return given to Melaye and conduct a fresh election within the time frame of the law.

In a swift reaction to the Appellate Court judgement, Melaye said: “I just lost my election at the Appeal Court and fresh election ordered.

“In all things I give God the praise. He who started a good thing will definitely complete it. I ask my supporters to be law-abiding as we shall always…

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How To Become Your Child’s Best Friend And Earn Their Trust


Countless times you see a disastrous relationship between mother and child and you wonder how they manage to live under the same roof.

However you chose to look at it, mothers are supposed to have the best connection with their children. This is because of the bond which was already established right from the womb at the time of pregnancy, but sadly today reverse is the case in most homes.

A mother who chooses to have a very good cordial relationship with her children must be up and doing as to what will keep that already established bond strong and unshaken. Here are some tips to make you achieve that.

Spend as much time with them as possible.

Spending some quality time with your kids will not only strengthen your relationship with them, but it will make it unbreakable.

When you spend time together, definitely you are going to be talking, and as an intelligent mom, that’s the perfect time to connect. Try as much as possible to make them understand existence.

There are so many challenges in life now especially when everyone has to make living, but regardless of that, you need to create time and lots of it.

Don’t allow the pursuit of daily bread to keep you away from the little moment which you cannot retrieve back. Because moments are transient

Tell them stories about people or event

When my kids were very small, I used to watch films with them, and that helps me in trying to explain a lot of things to them as well as tell them the site effect of anything they do in life.

Telling them stories about events or scenarios, will not only keep your bond together but will also allow them to know how to handle a circumstance whenever they find themselves in any.

It could also make the to be cautious of certain things that might affect them negatively.

Always show interest in their lives.

By showing interest, you don’t necessarily have to be nosy, allow them some of their privacy, but always try to be involved.

Don’t miss out on anything, be interested in everything they do, keep a close marking by so doing, even if something fishy you can easily dictate It.

Always know who their latest friends are, and try to be friendly with their friends too. That will encourage them to be around you and don’t keep too many secrets away from you.

I often sit with my childhood friends and discuss every aspect of life, and in turn like the interactive conversation, we normally have.

Encourage them to talk to you about everything

No topic should be safe or kept aside when it comes to a relationship with your children, even if it’s not an interesting topic just try to make it interesting, by so doing you can be amazed d what you could discover.

Most time a lot since to be going on behind our backs because we are too strict, or we don’t have time to share some burning issues with our children.

When I talk to my daughter at times on the phone while in public, they seem to think I was talking to my girlfriend, the few curious ones will ask what friend was that? And will be amazed to learn that it was my daughter I was talking to.

We understand ourselves so well that she doesn’t, or rather we don’t keep anything from each other.

Be a friend.

Being your child’s friend is the most significant thing that could also boost your bonds. There should never be a dull moment with you around each other.

You don’t need the whole money in the world to be happy, because it comes free, you create it and leave it on your own terms.

Yes if you have the means go for outings to parks, ice cream joints go shopping or even take a trip just to bond, but if you don’t, use your own creativity.

I bond with my children each time I am home, we’ll tease each other and make reference to past events and those moments cannot be threaded for anything in the world.

Don’t hold back, create lasting memories because they are all you’ve got, try to be happy and keep yourself and your children away from an unhappy life.

… So do you have a good relationship with your kids? And how are you bonding with your kids? If you don’t, try to put in some of these few points outlined above and see the result in a few moments to come.

If you find these post interesting kindly share with me how you bond and create friendship with your kids.



The girl child is one important aspect of the society whom if neglected will pose a great danger, not just herself but for the community and society as a whole.

Tradition in the past has made a great impact in denying girls the right to education, as well as some vital development to function in the society, therefore, making them vulnerable to so many life challenges.
Just like the saying goes that when you educate a girl child, you are not just educating an individual but an entire society of enlightened generation.

The West has not placed any restriction on their women over time and this has really helped them in their day to day dealings, by allowing a woman to have access to knowledge, that which she can defend herself wherever and in whatever situation she might find herself.

Education, whichever form helps and so the girl should not be secluded and deprived of such privileges, the only ideal thing to focus on is to always ensure that she knows her value, moral and parental background.

Some girls usually find themselves in a mess because they are not properly informed. They lack proper orientation from parents and guardians, there are these norms with us in Africa where we shy away from discussing certain topics with our daughters/children in general.

But where she is not duly informed, things usually are not done right. Some few aspects I will like to project, which may pose a serious danger to any girl child who is not properly educated are:

1 Poverty
2 Poor Health
3 Abuses
4 Early Pregnancies
5 Divorces


When a girl is not properly educated, there always this generational chain of poverty that usually follows her. This means that she is not able to have a source of leaving.

Some may argue that one doesn’t really need to be educated before you can make money, Yes there is trade to be learned and other businesses to embark upon, but however, the situation when educated it becomes easier to succeed in whatever trade she does.


A girl who is educated and eventually became a mother tomorrow will surely know how to take care of herself right from pregnancy to childbirth as well as know-how to nurture her child in a healthy way.

Take for example the high number of Virginal Vested Fistula VVF which is very common in northern Nigeria. This is happening because of the uninformed and uneducated young girls who are married underage.

They don’t know how to take care of themselves because they are never informed about the dangers of prolonged labor which usually resulted in VVF and other diseases.

Another factor to none education of the girl child that may lead to poor health is when she has unprotected sex with so many men on the street; she might end up contracting HIV and other dangerous sexually transmitted diseases which might be life-threatening to her and her family


Most girls today have become single mothers at a very tender age due to early pregnancy this is because they lack orientation both from home and school, had they been informed or educated, it would surely have reduced the damage being done, considering the fact that sex education is mostly discussed in schools today.

Many are being deceived by the men who take advantage of their vulnerability because they are so gullible. Most of this on time goes back to the parent who does not give their daughter sex education, but had the mother being educated; she will surely inform her daughter about how conscious she should be.
This, of course, is what we meant by the generational or chain of poverty when the girl child is not educated.


A girl may not know she is being abused if she is not educated, because what she may perceive or see as love being shown to her could actually be abuse on her person.
Thus, education paves the way for her to understand a whole lot of things as well as be able to tackle each the way they come/ For example, when a girl is educated, she will know when a man is trying to make negative advances at her, she will know that with every action comes and inaction, therefore, she will tend to avoid certain things that might ruin her life in future.

Even when she eventually gets married, she knows how to tackle her home and also differentiate between when her husband is taking advantage of her by exploiting her. When she is better informed, she will lean to easily seek help before anything gets out of hand.


Many times young girls who are often forced into marriage end up being divorced for one reason or the other, the men who seek to marry these minors are mostly more elderly men who in most cases have money to throw around. This is to say they can do and undo when the situation is in their favor.

Life after divorce is normally difficult for every woman whether educated or not, but the fact still remains that it’ll more difficult on none educated ones because they mostly have t focus.

Most time they are dependent on the men, and when such happens, they have to start life from scratch.

And if a woman has children to carter for, that will be something to reckon with because she might not have the strength to shoulder the said responsibility and most times she has to survive doing menial jobs whereas some will start to run after other men for support to carter for their children.

The same goes for a woman who lost her husband and that is why women are seen today doing all sorts of dirty jobs to earn a living for them.


However anyone chose to look at it today, educating the girl child has never, and will never be a waste to any given society, because women are the backbone of every society be it socio-economic, health, education and any other profession around.
Women always try to give their all.

So to foster productivity as well as enhance development, the girl child has to be given a total attention in her education to reach her set goals b that the world will be a better place to leave because, women are the best Caregivers alive, therefore they should be supported, encouraged and cheered to enviable heights.

This means that all hands must be on deck to ensure the achievement of their goals.

Photos- Regina Daniels Marks 20th Birthday in Dubai


The young actress who has been trending for months now over her marriage to Ned Nwoko has been enjoying herself in Dubai.

Regina Daniels flew to Dubai with her older husband to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday to her. See more photos below.

Aisha Buhari Celebrate the girl child as the world marks International Day Of The Girl Child.


Nigerians first Lady Dr. Aisha Buhari has joined the rest of the world to celebrate the girl child.

According to Mrs. Buhari, the year is a GirlsForce: she noted the progress which has been made in the area of activism.

The First Lady wrote on her Facebook wall, ‘Today, I join millions of girls around the world to celebrate this year’s international day of the girl child, the theme for this year is “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”. I am happy to note the progress that has been made in the area of activism by girls to protect their gender.
I want to state that more needs to be done especially to address gender-based violence which seems to be more pronounced recently. All hands must be on deck to achieve this”.