How To Become Your Child’s Best Friend And Earn Their Trust


Countless times you see a disastrous relationship between mother and child and you wonder how they manage to live under the same roof.

However you chose to look at it, mothers are supposed to have the best connection with their children. This is because of the bond which was already established right from the womb at the time of pregnancy, but sadly today reverse is the case in most homes.

A mother who chooses to have a very good cordial relationship with her children must be up and doing as to what will keep that already established bond strong and unshaken. Here are some tips to make you achieve that.

Spend as much time with them as possible.

Spending some quality time with your kids will not only strengthen your relationship with them, but it will make it unbreakable.

When you spend time together, definitely you are going to be talking, and as an intelligent mom, that’s the perfect time to connect. Try as much as possible to make them understand existence.

There are so many challenges in life now especially when everyone has to make living, but regardless of that, you need to create time and lots of it.

Don’t allow the pursuit of daily bread to keep you away from the little moment which you cannot retrieve back. Because moments are transient

Tell them stories about people or events

When my kids were very small, I used to watch films with them, and that helps me in trying to explain a lot of things to them as well as tell them the site effect of anything they do in life.

Telling them stories about events or scenarios, will not only keep your bond together but will also allow them to know how to handle a circumstance whenever they find themselves in any.

It could also make the to be cautious of certain things that might affect them negatively.

Always show interest in their lives.

By showing interest, you don’t necessarily have to be nosy, allow them some of their privacy, but always try to be involved.

Don’t miss out on anything, be interested in everything they do, keep a close marking by so doing, even if something fishy you can easily dictate It.

Always know who their latest friends are, and try to be friendly with their friends too. That will encourage them to be around you and don’t keep too many secrets away from you.

I often sit with my childhood friends and discuss every aspect of life, and in turn like the interactive conversation, we normally have.

Encourage them to talk to you about everything

No topic should be safe or kept aside when it comes to a relationship with your children, even if it’s not an interesting topic just try to make it interesting, by so doing you can be amazed d what you could discover.

Most time a lot since to be going on behind our backs because we are too strict, or we don’t have time to share some burning issues with our children.

When I talk to my daughter at times on the phone while in public, they seem to think I was talking to my girlfriend, the few curious ones will ask what friend was that? And will be amazed to learn that it was my daughter I was talking to.

We understand ourselves so well that she doesn’t, or rather we don’t keep anything from each other.

Be a friend.

Being your child’s friend is the most significant thing that could also boost your bonds. There should never be a dull moment with you around each other.

You don’t need the whole money in the world to be happy, because it comes free, you create it and leave it on your own terms.

Yes if you have the means go for outings to parks, ice cream joints go shopping or even take a trip just to bond, but if you don’t, use your own creativity.

I bond with my children each time I am home, we’ll tease each other and make reference to past events and those moments cannot be threaded for anything in the world.

Don’t hold back, create lasting memories because they are all you’ve got, try to be happy and keep yourself and your children away from an unhappy life. When you are a friend to them, they’ll surely trust you to talk about everything.

… So do you have a good relationship with your kids? And how are you bonding with your kids? If you don’t, try to put in some of these few points outlined above and see the result in a few moments to come.

If you find these post interesting kindly share with me how you bond and create a friendship with your kids.

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