Gbajabiamila Blows Hot as Service chiefs ditch security Meeting, sends their accountants as representatives


The honourable speaker house of Representative, Fami Gbajabiamila could not hide his disappointment over the none turn out of service chiefs for a security meeting held at the house.

Expressing concerns, Gbajabiamila said, “We called this meeting because it was important, you can see members from Borno here, there is crisis in Borno right now.

“We wanted to hear from the Service Chiefs, to know what is going on, to know how the House can help. What are the problems? What are the challenges? To talk about strategy and what we need to do.

“I am sure you do not expect the House to fold its arms over what is going on in Maiduguri and other parts of the country.

“We invited all the Service Chiefs but sent their accountants to represent them.

“I am actually at a loss over the absence of the Service Chiefs. The Navy is not represented as far as I am concerned, Air Force is not represented, ditto for the Chief of Army Staff.

“I know one or two of these Service Chiefs were somewhere yesterday night. I can almost say that it showed the disdain for institutions like the House of Representatives.

“I do not think this happens anywhere, in any parliament in the world, where the head of parliament will call the Service Chiefs for a nagging problem on how to resolve it and they will not show up.

“I think it is important to postpone this meeting till Monday. I will personally see the President, because we are suppose to work as one, to work together as a body.”

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