The excitement of Being a Mum is so Numerous


Who says there’s no excitement in motherhood. I promised to make this post no matter how late because the power was not forthcoming and I have to wait for cos my device has been down.

Children can cheer you up when they wish as well as add to your frustration by irritating you to a pulp.

Today was one of such days, I got such a cheer from my 8year old, after the normal early morning prayers, I went back to sleep only to wake up and find her meditating.

First of all the sitting position? And then there was a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear on her head!What could be wrong? I just took my phone and took some snapshots of her doing it.

After everything I decided to ask what she was saying while meditating, all I got was laughs and nothing more, so it was kind of cheering because I had a very good laugh very early in the morning.

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