I missed another birthday yet again.

#motherhood#To think that he is the baby of the house? Well you know sometimes there are situations you cannot avoid no matter how hard you tried.The very first time I missed my eldest daughter’s speech and price given day when she was in nursery two, did not go down well with me.

Though that wasn’t a deliberate act, it was actually misinformation on hers and the school sides, and since then I had promised never to miss out on anything that affects the lives of my children again.

I always made sure I attend PTA’s Speech and the price giving days, graduations, open days and anything that has to do with their educational or personal lives I always ensure I was on the ground.This year 2019 has made a slight change in everything since I have to be a way to pursue something for the betterment of us all.The first birthday I missed this year was that of my 5th child Zainab, 21st February, I made sure I explained myself in a context that she will understand. And thank God since she is a bit matured we were cool.

The second birthday I missed was that of Salima when she turned 15, 29th May, she was ore of an adult and no much problem with that because she understands it all.

I tried so hard to keep a promise of a birthday or at least the bicycle I had promised to buy, things did not yet fallen into place.

So I guess I’ll just hold my peace while things sort themselves out, but yet again I missed a very important birthday and it’s for the baby of the house, zahradeen who just turned 5.Happy birthday dear son.

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