A Mothers Instinct Always plays, Read How.


I don’t know whether it is because I’ve been away from the kids for a while, now, or it’s just my honest and sincere love that always wins.

Each time I am walking on the street, and I see children, especially those who are within my own kid’s age, I can’t help it but have an interaction with them.

Today was not an exception, I set out in the morning to the office, I have been meaning to decorate myself with the beautiful henna design.

Now for those who do not know what it means, Henna is the black designs you find on women’s foot or palms, it is a tradition mostly found in the northern part of Nigeria. Often time northern women beautifully a domed themselves with it during the festivity.

So me not knowing where it’s been done here in Abuja, restricted me from doing it. I decided to ask these 2 young girls I saw in Hijab. One said she doesn’t know and the other one who is the smallest of them answered that she knows.

The mother in me got so curious and asked them if they were in school, one said she is, the youngest of them who could not be more than 8 years old.

Well, we got talking and the older one amongst the two girls was like, “We just arrived tested to work” I asked her from where? She replied Bauchi.

To cut it short, I made sure I entice her with the love of school, she later admitted she was in primary 6. So I asked her if she doesn’t admire when she sees women elegantly dressed, working and earning a living, she quickly said she does, I asked again if she wouldn’t like to live in those beautiful houses and drive her own car, excitedly she said of course I want. I smile and said you need to get back to school.

And from the look of things she is very sharp, and she said to me, “had our parents went to school we wouldn’t have been suffering”, I said that’s it.

You go to school and break the chain of poverty and illiteracy in your village. They were so happy and ended up walking with me and showing me the Henna house. I couldn’t go without giving them something, so I gave them my card, and showed them my numbers, I encouraged them to call me anytime.

I don’t have the money, but based on my discussion with Zainab and Rabat, if the eventually call, I shall make sure Zainab gets into JSS 1 this September.

Young girls really need to be mentored on how truly life after marriage is when you don’t have a source of livelihood.

They should also be given orientation, that they can also be self-reliance in no matter how little they can provide for their children when they have eventually gotten married.

I hope I have down seed in Zainab’s and Rabiat’s minds.

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