You Are The Mom Anyways


Being a mom certainly makes you accommodate a lot, in fact, you are more of a shock absorber when it comes to family matters. Women as mothers have just been labeled from creation as the weaker vessels, but the truth is they are the strongest of the creature because they can deal with a whole lot and still remain the most focus.

When a child is sick, for example, as the mom you’ll have to be strong in other to take care of the sick baby and the same goes to everyone else in the family.

This same act applies to all other responsibilities in the home. Many times when a child wants something the first person he goes to is the mother, regardless of whether the father or older siblings are there.

Why this is so, is because of that motherly bond shared with the child, they feel so relax around the mother, some children even turn their mothers into grant parent because they are so playful to an extent they forget when you are serious with them or not.

This, however, has been a great deal on why some mothers develop soft spots for their kids. Some go as far as overdoing it by sparing the wrath and spoiling the child.

Often times mothers tend to take blames for their children’s mistake, or rather, most moms would want to cover up for their child’s mistake publicly which is peculiar to most mothers anyway. But some times one needs to strike a balance between blind love and real parenting.

What should you do then?

Well, in my own opinion and as an experienced mom in the business for almost two and a half-decade now, learn to call black a black, and white should remain white.

Once your children know what you stand for, they won’t even dare put themselves in a certain situation not to talk of letting you deal with it or have to lie to cover up.

Engage them.

No matter how busy you feel or think you are, always create time to want to know what’s going on all the time.

Even when you are out of town, ensure that when you call, make a long conversation, speak to each and everyone to know what’s going on in their little minds, by so doing you won’t miss a thing and that makes you stand out as the mom.

Things we often take for granted are those that come back to bite us in the back. Some things are preventive and can be avoided.

Whatever situation you find yourself with your kids, always develop a very good skill to ensure you tackle it in a matured and diplomatic way. Because in the long run, “You are the mom anyways.

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