How to manage your life as a single Mom.


Being a single mom is surely an overwhelming experience to deal with especially when the kids are many.

1,2 or 3 is understandable, but when you have up to six! Yes, six 6 then the story becomes different.

Often times, I walked passed and some people out of curiosity will stop me and engage me in a conversation simply they want to know, that is for those who know I am a single mom.

Many have thought or rather expected I would have broken down by now, or perhaps something terrible must have occurred to me or I would have been misbehaving all over the place.

How do I do what I do the way I do them?


When you find yourself in a certain situation, the first thing to do is to accept it, and then dedicate yourself towards ensuring that you give it your best.

I see taking care of my kids as my very first priority in life before any other thing.

I felt I brought them to the world, and so I owe myself a duty to fulfill that covenant I entered into with God for giving them to me.


Being focus will not only make one to achieve set goals, but it will equally make you handle the situation you never had imagined you could handle.

I mostly focus on the most important things that affect mine and the children well being.

Letting them know my constraints

Coming out clean does not only feel refreshing, but it sets you free too.

I don’t hide any situation to my kids, I let them into my world, I won’t lie to them about things I can’t afford or stuff I cannot be able to do to them in a very long time.


I also discuss things with them, being transparent to your kids is the biggest freedom you could give yourself because, by the time they understand your limitations, they’ll not make unnecessary demands about the things you both cannot afford.

Set priorities

Your priorities here can help in running your day to day life, especially when your income level is not high, you are just managing to touch different aspects of your life with very little resources.

When you identify the basics, the moment you get your income, move straight to the priorities, that will save you from spending out of budget.

Live simple and be modest

Living simply means you not being extravagant in your lifestyle, don’t always go for the most expensive things in a way to want to belong.

Trends and fashion are good but only when you can afford them because most of these things cost was a whole lot of money they are very expensive. So for one to keep up with trendy fashion or anything else will really make your life a living hell.

It’s better to be modest and live simple than to have a chain of debtors lining all the times at your doorstep. I assure you this could be very embarrassing not just to you but your kids as well.

And there’s no reason for you to want to belong to. Circle if a lifestyle you cannot afford. Good things never finish as every day new things as being manufactured.

Beware of the company you keep.

It is better to be called an antisocial person than to keep bad company, so it is not such a bad idea to regulate the kind of people you surround yourself with. Because influence can make a negative impact on you and the life you keep therefore making life unbearable to you and your kids.

So what I do is not total isolation but I draw a line between friendship and my kids. Countless times I’ve been advised to take them back to their father or his relatives. But the bitter truth is I don’t trust anyone to handle my kids the way I can because there are some households that children are left on their own, I.e whatever they do goes.

I needed to keep a very close eye on them to know who they are with, what they are up to, and how I can come in to correct them.

So, “Life is all about the little decisions you make. Past decisions cannot be changed. But every new day is an opportunity to make the right ones“.

Make the right decision today, chose how to live your life, I have set my own rule made my decisions, living it one step at a time.

Share your experience at the comment section on how you live your life as a single parent so that others can benefit from your experience. And I hope this helps withers.

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