People perceptions about each other.

I remember my project topic during my graduation was “Public Perception of Female Journalists and the…”

When I handed a questionnaire to one of my respondents, she said she doesn’t understand and I was elaborating for her, they were many in the place though’ because it was in a school setting, her response shocked me. She said it in Hausa and I quote,

” Basu da kunya, gasu da fitsara gashi basu ganin Kowa da gashi a Kai Kuma yan Iska ne”.

Meaning “they are arrogant, disrespectful, they are full of themselves and they are flirts” before I could alter a word her colleagues were almost skinning her alive, that she can just choose to say no but that was insulting not just to me standing there but to the whole profession.

And guess what? After all the insult she ended up not filling my questionnaire. And believe you me that topic was an eye-opener to me, thank you Mr. Isma’il the great research lecturer in TVC.

Why the long story? Most times we tend to jump to conclusions on people without actually getting to know them, their lives or what they are passing through.

Most times we hear people commit suicide, the first things you hear people say is’ what does he/she want? After all, she has everything or they seem ok.

Don’t use physical appearance in judging people, that neighbor, friend or colleague you are so envious of to a point of killing them or taking their source of livelihood, might just be an innocent soul fighting a very big battle and dealing with a whole lot which you don’t know.

That some of us post pictures on social media looking happy doesn’t mean that all is well, who know that’s just one’s own way of dodging their own heavy garbage?

Even when you go about distributing your problems like courier services, people will tell you everyone will tell you they have it more than you.

So chill, live and let live and please allow people to be and stop basing your perception on looks because that sure can be deceiving.

Someone like me takes solace in the lense of a camera whenever I am down, that doesn’t mean all is well, the bottom line here is be contented with the little God is pushing your way, be faithful and trust in the giver as you strive to be bigger and do better.

This is to all who think she has made it, Alhamdulillah! But Tawakaltu lillah that’s all I have to say. Sorry for the lengthy write-up, and I hope it helps you to relax, not that I owe anyone an explanation about me but I thought I should.

Thanks for reading anyways.

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