How being a super mom is difficult


Everyone could be a mum, but not every woman who gives birth to children is privileged to become a super mum?

You may ask what separates the two, after all, what does it take to give birth and nurture your kids into maturity or adulthood?

Being selfless

Well, a lot of qualities, like you being selfless. Being selfless entails you taking the backseat and putting your kids first.

Most times supermoms make a lot of sacrifices, ranging from their personal and social life, their fashion sense as well as time. When a woman is saddled with the responsibility of bringing up her children, all she sees in her eyes are those children.


I remember when I took a decision to get divorced from my ex, I a have to thoroughly think it over that is, how I intend to survive and all the things I’ll have to put aside just to be focused on one thing which is my six children.

And to think that I was and still without a job, who they hell was going to assist? But because I have chosen to forge ahead and start a new life, I encouraged myself that nothing is impossible with strategic planning patients and sacrifice.

Setting priorities

A supermom will take water and go to bed, just to make her children take the real food, most times she is the one that eats the crumbs (leftovers) because she always wants the kids comfortable first as she derives joy in making them comfortable.

Being a supermom could sound easy to the ears, but very difficult to achieve that is why today the society is littered with abandoned children all over the place. Some are really not intentional but the economic hitting hard on us makes it a multi-tasking job to fulfill.

So, the next time you see a supermom, try and acknowledge her, compliment her or give her a pat on the back, because the task is large.

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