Special supplications performed by NAHCON officials at mount Arafat


About 1.8 million Muslim faithful were reported to have performed this year’s hajj, 65,000 of which are Nigerians. With the Arafat prayers held today, pilgrims supplicated at the mount of Arafat with each praying for their different heart desires ranging from forgiveness amongst other things.

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria NAHCON officials however, was not left behind as they also held a special prayer session for the country Nigeria, the Commission as well as other aspects of life.

The National Supplication/Prayer session was well conducted at the usual annual Arafat Plain where scholars supplicated in various Nigerian languages…

Some of the clerics who prayed includes: Sheikh Ibrahim Yalo,
Sheikh Abdurrahman Ahmad who prayed in English, professor Mustapha supplicated in Kanuri, with Ahmad Imam Saad praying in Fulfilde, while Dr . Ibrahim Ezeani prayed in Igbo as well as professor kk oloso.

Dr. Mansur also prayed for those deceiving and cheating Intending Pilgrims anywhere to be exposed, Vote of thanks was by Commissioner Operations Abdullahi Modibbo Saleh.

See beautiful pictures from the prayer ground.

Source: NAHCON Platform

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